Choose the right life, even once connected. For some people, life can be completely unnecessary, the network is flooding with ads for new and new products. You are always welcome to offer the conditions. On the example, we will learn how to proceed with the collection.

Manel lived with Ctibor in a panel message in Chrudim. Mr. Ctiborov (54 years old) works as a nurse in a hospital and Mr. Ctibor (58 years old) works as a private electrician. The son is 27 years old, works as a high school assistant, and the seventeen-year-old daughter is in the sixth district of the local grammar school.

Manel Ctibor has several insurance policies and thinks about what they are used for. The family does not have bundles or mortgages. Rodie has insurance policies from 1998 with a technical annual rate (TM) of 5%.

They are insured to death from any 300,000 K pin to 70 years.

Mr. Ctiborov is once again connected and Mr. Ctibor had a 20-year insurance policy, which he changed three years ago according to current conditions. His salary is up to 65 years. Syn dn insurance product nem. On the contrary, the daughter will have an insurance policy in the first year, which my parents established when they were born.

Mother and father only want to be bonded in case of death and well-connected once again. The son would like to combine a complete life bond with a one-time bond, and for the daughter they consider giving birth only a one-time bond.

What you need to know about life insurance
Orientation in the general connection is very difficult for a layman. At present, in the Czech Republic, several plates are bonded to each product. life insurance is long-term. Before closing it, each person should know for a very long time how to connect your back.

life insurance falls into the following basic categories:
– chapter ivotn pojitn
– investin ivotn pojitn
– risks pojitn

Capital (reserve) life insurance contains a connection in case of death or doit (spoc file). These connections are known mainly historically. It contains a guaranteed evaluation, the so-called technical year rate (TM), which is maximally determined by the Ministry of Finance R. In this case, it is not possible to determine the rate and the risk of recovery of its components. It is at the expense of the insurance company.

Today, there are also modern types of endowment life insurance, which are variable and can adapt the insurance to the current needs without the need to cancel the contract and conclude a new one. They are distinguished by the fact that they generally do not contain a safety catch in case of death. This stack is the bottom in the value chapter.

The old age of the insurance always covers the risk of death and death, ie when the end of the insurance period is completed, the insurance policy is paid in case of death, in the event of the death of the insurance company, the insurance policy in case of death and income from insurance reserves is paid out.

In the case of modern variable insurance, the most frequent capital value is paid out at the end, and in the event of the death of the insured, the insurance policy and the current capital value are paid out (for some insurance policies only the one that is you). Another possibility of life insurance chapters is also a pension insurance, where the payout is paid at the end of the term specified in the contract.

Investin ivotn pojitn (thus contains a spoc component) is a modern product, which usually does not guarantee a minimum value and any risk with the investment spoc components of the participant, who can choose the investment strategy. I change this strategy at any time. Offer money market funds, bonds, and aggressive equity funds. The advantage is the flexibility of the product during the duration of the contract.

Riskikov ivotn pojitn is concluded only for the purpose of insurance protection in the event of any death. This type of insurance is deducted from the loan and the insurance premium paid is not refunded at the end of the insurance period.

The main purpose of life insurance is the insurance protection of insured persons with the possibility of long-term savings. In the event of an insurance event (called sickness, full disability pension, etc.), the insurance company pays the insured the agreed insurance premium. In the case of a person insured, the insurance indemnity is paid out in full by the person (the person designated by the insured, specified in the contract).

The indemnity is the insurance policy or the capital value (for capital and investment insurance) – depending on what you are. Some insurance companies pay both, ie the insurance premium and the capital value. In the case of risk insurance, there is no amount of benefits and only the insurance policy is paid.

You invite your financial skills

The general rule for life insurance is that the breadwinner should pay at least two salaries. From the point of view of savings, investment life is primarily used as a long-term savings product with the possibility of any change during the existence of the program.

Parameters of capital and investment life insurance:

insurance protection – in case of an insurance event, the insurance company must fulfill
valuation of financial resources – the insurance component of the unit, which is valued
the opportunity to deduct from the tax base and 12,000 crowns for payments for life insurance – according to the income tax law, insurance must last at least up to 60 years and at least 5 years. o Only the insurance deposit on the file in case of life can be deducted from the tax base, not the insurance deposit, e.g. for insurance (it is a risk component of insurance)
for investment life insurance – the possibility of choosing an investment strategy, and thus in the risk and
for capital life insurance with guaranteed appreciation – carefree when deciding on the possibilities of appreciation
Employer’s contribution and 8,000 K – the employer will contribute and 8,000 K ron and the entire stock will be deducted from the tax base. For the participant herself, it is especially important that this income is not subject to social and health insurance.
variability – for the investment and for the variable capital life insurance, the client can easily change the parameters of the insurance contract, e.g. reduce and increase the insurance premium and insurance premiums, add and remove various connections, even change the insurance period. The client easily adapts his life insurance to his current needs and current life situation.

once-in-one includes links in case of death caused by a one-time, a bond of permanent consequences and a bond less in a row. In the event of a single full insurance, either as a percentage for the time necessary only from the basic insurance policy, or daily two. If someone still has a consequence, the insurance company will continue to pay for this lasting result.

It is necessary to emphasize that this full bag comes usually and after two years from the time when the result lasted for the most part is definitively confirmed. However, if someone has agreed once to connect only with full in case of permanent consequences, it is not connected once in normal times.

Whether it is better to fill at once a day or a percentage for the necessary period of time, the joint leaders are constantly fighting for it. A high-quality insurance policy is fully responsible for the lasting consequences of the so-called progress, ie in the case of a permanent permanent result, a percentage of the number of the basic insurance policy.

Manel Ctibor asks whether the insurance policies they have are good for them and whether it is necessary to make any changes in their products. In the case of a daughter, consider introducing a one-time insurance policy. The son is looking for a living bond that will meet his needs and his age.

Beware of excess paid risks
First of all, we have to build on existing contracts. It is nonsense for the product, or the content contained in it, to be repeated. It is important to make maximum use of existing programs, but on the other hand it is necessary to look for their use. We know that the family has no bonds, so it is possible to agree with life insurance, where they are connected to death from any pins to 300,000 K.

According to her, the instructions simply change that this island is oriented on the border of twice the income of each breadwinner. Moreover, these insurance policies were certainly cheaper at the end of the 1990s, not now.

We have to deal with the fact that both parents are a bit old, and so you would be the price for a bond in these values. In addition, these are fuses with TM 5%, which is certainly much more suitable than with current fuses with TM, usually more than 2%.

As soon as you connect, we will first focus on existing programs. Mr. Ctibor has taken out a one-year insurance policy and Mr. Ctibor has one day. What must meet quality once again, we stated in.

We will therefore check whether Mr. Ctibor’s fuse corresponds to these parameters and the same, or at least similarly, we propose to set for his master. In the event that Mr. Ctibor’s fuse fails to meet the required parameters, it can be easily changed and canceled once.

Let’s take a closer look at the curiosity offered by some insurance companies in the case of a single connection. Going in the age of seventeen can give birth to a cheap children’s tariff for reinsurance, and thus it can be insurance up to 25 years. Beware of the fact that some of them link this tariff at a time when they stop studying.

There are many variants for the son. In the first place, it is important to increase the pros and cons of capital and investment life insurance. In the case of deciding on one of the variants, it is difficult to compare the offered opportunity and the resulting contact, which he is willing to pay regularly. It is necessary to know how high the death insurance premium should be. For a young hunter without his own family, it could be an increased risk payment during the outings.

Pozor na nabdku jinho produktu, mete znan tratit
For the Ctibor family, the longest thing is to make every contract with a cool head and in an influential way. When introducing life insurance, its use and electricity are important. If the insurance company comes up with a proposal to change the contract, it is always necessary to nleit zvit. Snen TM is rarely talked about. Therefore, it is not good to change the contract, when the very essence of it does not allow it. And how do you know that?

If, when changing the contract, the insurance company offers only an addendum to the original contracts and only the required parameter changes, it is in the form. If the only option of changing the contract is to pay for another, it is necessary to be careful.

In the Czech Republic, it is common that under this change, the insurance contract is new to me, nor would the client realize that he has lost the original conditions. This process is suitable for conversion and is completely suitable for binders. At the same time, most contracts change and cancel. In all circumstances, it is up to Ctibor to decide.

Hints and tips

When deciding between products, or their changes, it is necessary to assess not only the arguments speaking about the suitability of individual products, but also the facts, for example. in advertisements, at some vertical sellers, or on the basis of individual

When considering the risk insurance contained in a life insurance contract, it is not only necessary to take into account the general suitability of the insurance, but also whether at least adequate compensation will arise for the event. Otherwise, such a fuse loses its meaning.

On the contrary, when calculating the components of life insurance, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of its evaluation.

Even the accession to the European Union, as an argument of some interconnectors, is not a reason to change the insurance, which did not end on the date stated in the original contracts.

When assessing individual products, it is possible to use the services of quality and independent financial advisors.

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