The company of technician and inventor Frantik Janek produced machine guns and grants. The world fame of his company was secured by Jawa motorcycles. How did the pbh family end up?

Motorkov krl Frantiek Janeek Jr. in the autumn of 1938 stepped on Prask Castle. The full-time entrepreneur and talented constructor was thought of as Edward Benee’s successor in the president’s office. The parliament elected Emil Hchu’s Supreme Court of First Instance.


Candidates for the highest position in the country were sought after by non-party candidates and experts in the fateful period after Munich. In this context, for example, the bank was considered to be Jaroslav Preiss, the industrialist Frantik Janek or the historian Josef Ust, said historian Tom Pask.

An extraordinarily talented technician, a hard worker and an entrepreneur – this is how historians characterize the descendants of a peasant from the entrance ech. A young technician famous for the crack of Kolben’s factory, he found himself in the Netherlands at the turn of the 20th century, where he solved the problem of power supply for electric power.

The patent was bought by an Englishman for the then huge amount of two thousand pounds, said historian Jan Krlk. And zhy followed he put a patent on the right arc of the lamp. The beneficiary from Germany paid 70 thousand marks for it. Nor were they having a pension.

Janek’s path was changed by the First Worlds of the Wolf, the mrumbling production was replaced by weapons. He managed to excel and applied for a 60 patent in this field. He remained at the gate even after the establishment of the republic. After 1923, he built an armory in such a stop at Nusle, in the towns of the U Zelen liky inn.

Janek’s technicians and workers built Schwarzlos t-machine guns from 8 mm diameter on 7.92 mm Mauser-type ammunition. The factory received 3,157 weapons from the ad allowed to adapt, said historian Martin Vlach. Janeek also supplied the Czechoslovak army with rune grants in the following variants: tons, defenses and guards. The soldiers received about 600 thousand of them.

Crisis and turn to motorcycles

At the end of the 1920s, the economic crisis and the change in production, which marked the Janeek brand, became famous. After agreements with his son Frantik Karl, a grandfather and pedestrian successor of the dynasty, the factory engaged the English designer George W. Patchett. At the same time, it bought a license to manufacture a Wanderer 500 OHV motorcycle from Wanderer. The combination of names thus created the abbreviation Jawa in 1929.

In Czechoslovakia at that time there were 21 motorcycle manufacturers such as Echie, Itar, Terrot, Orion, Premir and Praga. But Jawa beat them all. U in 1929 on XXI. The first motorcycle, the JAWA 500 OHV, called Rumpl, was presented at the International Motor Show in Prague.

The popular motorcycle for the popular price was the slogan for the Jawa 175 Villiers machine, manufactured since 1932. Two years later, the Jawa 350 SV was created, the first motorcycle with an engine of its own design. In 1937, the company also produced the Jawa 100 Robot motorcycle. In 1939, a modern semi-block engine Jawa 250 Duplex Blok was created.

Other members of the dynasty also joined the business. The rivers originated in Kvasiny and Solnice in the Krlovehradec region and Tnec nad Szavou. In 1933, the first car marked Jawa 700 rolled off the production lines. The body frame was made in Solnice from high-quality Slovak beeches. From the tenant, he spent 22,900 crowns – twenty times the then average salary.

Move the beds here and there

František Janeek wanted the company to be similar to the Baa Group. He wanted to secure and control self-sufficiency, from mineral to production to all the details, say historians. For example, he bought tolu Alexander in Vrta. He opened a long work here, Dagmar, named after his daughter. Iron ore kutalo and 72 havs are lost here, said Janekv manager Jaroslav Frei.

The technician was also famous for his weaknesses, according to legends, bl bouky. He could not sleep unless he lay in the entrance-backward direction, on the way he pulled out a bed in that direction and in a hotel.

In the spring of 1941, Janek, who was ill, went from the sanatorium to the Tneck factory, where he died. Work, leave. Byla These were the last words of a man who received an additional BUT doctorate from his edestin.

The company was born after the founding of the Beneov decrees in June 1945. Janekov drank the property after the burrow of 1948. The property and the forest at the entrance to them were returned to them as part of the post-November restitution.

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