Have you had children and do you want a n pension? If you haven’t done so, it’s best to take a look at the formulas and especially think about what kind of parental leave you will actually want. Newly, these parents will decide whether to stay with the children at home until they are two or three years old.

It is quite understandable that if everyone took the same high contribution all the time, their parents would stay at home en masse until those years. But it’s not that simple. For the shortest time allowed, in the highest contribution, who stays at home the longest, will get the least. As a result, the bag is comparable:

– parental contribution up to two years of age: 11,400 msn, a total of 216,600 crowns

– parental contribution up to three years of age: 7,600 msn, a total of 235,600 crowns

– parental contribution up to those years of age: first 7,600, then 3,800 crowns msn, a total of 224,200 crowns

Once made, the choice is irreversible and it is therefore up to you to change your mind. When choosing a family, they have to know how long they want to keep their children, if they want to get back to work soon, or if they have an old-fashioned grandmother to play, or if they will have to put their offspring into bowling, and they will want to work again.

You can also tacticalize: you have to choose the highest one and not two children will give yourself a baby. Then you will choose the length of the parent contribution again. Whoever has these children in the two-year interval will have the highest contribution for you for six years in a row.- Step by step, how to fill in enough about the parental contribution. Submit the form to the ad by the end of January.

You want to know everything?

Many about parental leave and child allowances in MF DNES.

What will you reach tomorrow in the area of ​​Penze MF DNES?

– What to do if you do not meet the conditions to be entitled to the highest parental? And for a parental contribution under your father!

– Mother’s parental leave – according to what rules will you choose the length of parental leave?

– The rules for paying child benefits have been tightened: how much can you earn to reach this door?

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