Notebook and internet. That’s what you need to work. So for going to the office when my to put in the keyboard of you in Thailand on the pli?

Every day to work, on the weekend to the cottage and once a car to Croatia? So it’s a strict lifestyle that is not easy. If many young people long for a free and especially adventurous life, they want to insist on traveling in interesting countries.

But where to get it? Carry a laptop with you and work long hours, the other about videos on your travels and you have to spend money on the road. Which method is best?

Travel blogei

It sounds like a dream. Travel the world, search for a blog or upload videos (including a blog post), which is then swallowed up by thousands of your fans on YouTube, which will take you on a journey. Of course, there are many similar blogs and vlogs, so people often find that earning a pension in this way is not easy at all. One of the spnch eskch travel bloggers is Veronika Ubrtov. Pestoe is followed by a lot of fans, and in addition to the blog, he also gave work. I travel and share my experiences through my blog called Weefs world and videos on YouTube. It worked, this activity did not become a livelihood, but perseverance bears fruit. The second point of interest for me is the consultation and construction of web pages, k.

Veronica travels from city to city, either alone or with a friend. So you worked from Berlin, Spain or Morocco. But isn’t such a life financially and costly? When I just traveled the world and lived where I just wanted, it was not only a discovery advantage, but also financially. I didn’t rub my apartment anywhere, I didn’t pay for it. I had my life in a backpack and a suitcase. The situation has changed a lot for me in the last two months. Originally full, he was permanently in Portugal and traveled from there. In the end, we will be back in the Czech Republic and we will build with my friend here. No matter how much I travel, I am very happy, especially my family and friends here. I felt like they were going back and doing a little more to them, to a twenty-seven-year-old blogger.

Digitln nomdi

The second type of traveler are digital nomdi. These are the majority of people who work freelance and are not taken to one city. They are most often in the fields of IT, marketing, graphics, copywriting or they are you English lecturers who use the Internet.

A very popular city, where digital people work, Southeast Asia is cheap, safe and most importantly very interesting.

For example, David Lrincz, who also works as a specialist in Facebook advertising, has been working from Bali for a long time. I move around Asia according to. For the last two years I have been going to Bali, where I have a girlfriend (Indonsanka). Let’s live together in a rented villa. Therefore, my activities will direct you much more to the Asian market, k.

The benefits of digital people are clear, in addition to freedom and learning about interesting countries, the fact that you live in a cheaper country is not where you pay.

Traveling with a laptop also has its disadvantages. The biggest is communication. You don’t have to meet clients, employers and colleagues, so you just ask, vote and skype. According to David Lrinz, it’s not so pretty. People who are not handicapped should contact and cooperate with me. Within the distance, it is more than 1,700 customers. For example, in Asia, companies are much more used to online communication, due to the huge distances, it is not even possible. No one will lie to you for hours to have coffee with a client and evaluate the past week, to the businessman.

Low budget traveler

A special group are the so-called low budget traveler, ie people who travel with the lowest possible budget. Try to find out where it is going and stay on the road. Take a hitchhike, sleep in hostels or you directly on the beach and search for brigades and cities according to where you are. In Canada, pick one, cook fish in Alaska, and you in Iceland are often employed on farms, where it is no exception to give birth to lambs or milk blood.

That’s how I flew like this. I always worked two farms in Britain in Britain and then traveled on pensions. Vtinou in Asia. I would recommend it to the cadmium after the bike you start with a career, the year two of such a life is perfect. Gain a lot of experience and learn English, for ten years Jaroslav from Prague.

The low-traveler often gets involved in volunteering, which is popular both in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Help on the farms, the condition of the cola or the children in English will exchange for the apartment and food. And after a while they raise the anchors and continue again for a long time.

This way of life can be quite uncomfortable and definitely not for everyone. It takes a lot of courage, not to work hard or feel insecure, because these travelers often do not know what they will pay in a week.

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