You should keep the tax documents for at least three years, if you do not want to worry about the control by the financial board. The administrator of this bag may want to deal with significantly old information.

For a maximum of ten years, keep those years in complete stomach
Finann ad me to carry out the tax documents and ten years ago, but to deal with the specific personal income tax return for 1999 makes a little sense. For? The answer to this short question can be found in the report of administration and the fee, which can be obtained or replaced no later than the day when the deadline expires from the end of the tax period, in which the obligation to file a tax return arose.

So let’s imagine this in the situation of the tax period 2007, when the taxpayer is obliged to file a tax return no later than the end of the ordinary (in the case of an authorized tax advisor by the end of June) of 2008. 2008) and to add the mentioned years to this date (logically it is the date 31. 12. 2011).

Therefore, according to the current legislation, this date is limited in terms of the meaningfulness of checking the tax obligations of the taxpayer (you first) for the year 2007, from which it is clear that everyone should know about the possibility of tax control at least until this date.

In connection with this, a thorough archiving of all facts, documents and documents related to the determination of the tax base for the year 2007. Definitely not a good business card of the taxpayer, when supporting the documents for the determination of the tax base when checking for errors. In addition, the tax administrator has the financial means to secure the necessary documents and use, for example, so-called aids.

Do not pay pauln for those years, monitor the steps of the tax administrator during this time
As I stated in, the taxpayer follows the deadline as a matter of priority. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that, within that period, the taxpayer has not given any effect on the exchange or domain of the tax. If that were the case, then the written notice of such an act would start betting this period again.

It does not have to take place directly within three years for the exchange or domain of the tax, but the initiative of the taxpayer of the woman, which must be notified in writing to the taxpayer. At most, the tax administrator will exclude the tax within ten years from the end of the year, when the obligation to file a tax return arose.

If there is no day of action by the tax administrator during these three years, it can be assumed that the tax administrator will not deal with it in the future, or he will be unable to initiate such an action. Of course, this cannot be completely ruled out and the taxpayer should at least continue to preserve all the facts related to tax obligations.

The emphasis on archiving is from the tax subject
According to the auditors, natural persons who have no entrepreneur, who for some good reason arose from the obligation to file a tax return, have the least obligation in terms of possible tax inspections.

Many of the obligations are placed, for example, on the first person leading the ethnic group or on the VAT payer (first person and self-employed person). Their importance includes the archiving of tax documents for at least ten years from the date of the taxable performance or the moment of application of the tax deduction claim.

In the area of ​​retention of the payroll of their employees. For n salary even the obligation to archive these documents for thirty years. However, this is a fee from ad oban netk.

You are a citizen and this year take the tax credit for 2007. You can check, but it is probably not
The essence of the tax control is the verification of the tax base, which the taxpayer stated or should state in the tax return. In order to be able to be inspected, at least you must be obliged to file a tax return. If you actually have this obligation as a citizen and you do so, the probability of tax control is equally minimal.

In general, the financial council checks this type of fee only in exceptional cases, or if some unusual data appears in the letter. However, the inspection cannot be completely ruled out and you should be prepared with carefully processed documents to prove your data base.

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