Mon u potte years, which I have to retire. Let yourself know that you want to marry a horse or that you will devote yourself to a horse that you didn’t have time for at work. If you want two pensions, you can use the early retirement or the early retirement. Do you know how there is a difference between them and what do you have to fulfill? Test your knowledge.

For the right to the old-age pension, you must meet two conditions, namely to reach the set retirement age and obtain the required period of retirement insurance. But you don’t have to retire, it’s your first, not your duty. And you can even take an old-age pension and work at the same time.

If you do not know how much time you have worked, once a year you can apply for a personal information sheet of the pension insurance.

The overview contains the sentence and the sum of the periods of retirement insurance, ie the number of years worked, or the replacement periods of insurance (for example, the time kept in the records of the series of work), stored in the records of SSZ. It lists the amounts, more precisely the exchange of deposits from which the insurance for social security was paid, and thus the exclusion of periods (eg periods of temporary incapacity for work) from 1986.

And if you can’t manage to retire, you can apply for early retirement or retire. But even these possibilities have fixed rules. Try n kvz and test your knowledge.

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