Increase your salary, offer great benefits, adjust your offices, give everything mon. And the result? Hundreds of vacant positions. In finance, pay more than two that it is difficult to attract candidates. Marcela Suchnkov, Director of Human Resources and Member of the Board of Directors of SOB, reveals how the situation is in a large Czech bank.

SOB is the kind of largest bank in our country according to the client’s sweat. At present, I have less than 3.5 million. He is also a large employer, for whom 7,500 people work throughout the country. I can do business, so the bank is looking for several hundred more candidates. We are currently looking for candidates for business positions, as well as experts in IT, marketing, design, and naming Marcela Suchnkov.

From your point of view, what does the labor market look like now?
The situation turned around. We wrote two of them in the middle of the women and waited to see who came up with them. We read the CVs, invited some candidates for an interview, and then chose the best ones. Today, on the contrary, we have to lure the applicant. The committee is now completely disciplined, much more creative. Draz is on the initiation it takes. Our nbori are primarily committed to pouring and addressing the right people for their women at all. Everyone in the field of looking for colleagues and everyone is dreaming that they will stay with you. We all want to be attractive employers.

What exactly do you want to be attractive?
For example, we increased wages. Last year, employees improved by 8 percent. This year, since May, we have increased wages without a bonus by 5.4 percent. This is on average, some got more, some got me. Bad for the manager who knows his team best, then for the performance of the worker and the wage dog in which he is employed. We focused mainly on employees who have less than 30 thousand crowns per month. The dark reward increases by 15%.

A benefit?
We have a lot of benefits – from meal vouchers, a contribution to life insurance, or a pension supplement, to a cafeteria, in which employees can choose various services and products for more than 8 thousand crowns a year. We support flexibility. And with short harnesses or work from home, this creates a number of positions, we were not used to.

An interesting bonus is sabatical, which you offer to colleagues who have been in the company for 8 or more years.
Yes, it is 4 weeks off in addition to the five weeks allowed. Last year, we offered it for the first time in very high positions and it was used by a hundred people. During the sabatical period, the employee minimum wage. When we combine jet sesick days, with us called health days, which we fulfill in addition to five to five, some colleagues will have the opportunity to take ten days off.

What for?
We have our financial products – mortgages – suitable for our employees. There are also a lot of educational and coaching programs. And in this context, we must not forget our Forvardino program, in which colleagues are involved, who, thanks to their leisure activities, know something unrelated to banking at first glance and want to pass on their experience for a long time. They will open a course for other colleagues.

These are benefits almost like in IT…
We are also an IT company, we have thousands of IT specialists in groups, a number of people on the net.

Choose bonuses according to the competition?
Let’s ask our people which benefits are a priority for them. The input of such a survey was, for example, the requirement for a certain right environment at the radlick centrle. We need more cities for informal meetings, meetings, but also for continuous work and quiet telephone calls. People appreciate our building, they have a number of shops and services here, on the stee garden where they can grill. And we know how to go and glue it.

which has become a creative field. How do you address the candidate?
We are looking for a standard dog job portals, web pages and so on social network. At the moment, probably the best personal recommendation from our employees works, who will receive a financial reward of thousands of crowns for the recommendation of a new colleague. Or points to the cafeteria. We cooperate with high wheels, let’s take part in job fairs. We involve managers in the committee, who share their personal stories with students.

Our new camp is designed in a similar way, which we will launch here. We are a place for skilled people, and let’s take advantage of the specific employees who volunteered for us in the campaign of their personal message. It is an online campaign, also in public transport, and we expect our employees to split up.

Who are you looking for, graduates or more people with experience?
We want people who fit into the corporate culture, which will make sense to us. Not bad at all. We dream of diversity in terms of age, gender, nationality.

Pesto to banking is especially young people. And their requirements are very much blessed.
Today, graduates want a quick career and a lot of retirement. Speaking of entering the branch, their question is: How long will it take to become his fem? It is a natural predation that the current market situation helps. Applicants may be confident under the circumstances.

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