All entrepreneurs and employees have the opportunity to dream about the so-called deductible items. Only the other one has to make it to you. If you want to pay the tax and leave the processing of all documentation to the employer, you must not take place on the 15th day.

Until then, stand in the thorn, where you will support the “straight beam”, the so-called tax return, and bring with you all the certificates on which you have a claim. You will find most of them in your mailbox the first days. What when the bank confirmed nepole?

If you have not yet received confirmation from the bank or insurance company, pick up the phone and ask where the error is. Confirmation does not send a recommendation, so it could happen that it wandered somewhere. In that case, hand in and start driving one.

When you can’t get all the confirmations in the middle of the hole, don’t despair, don’t miss the year for the tax. You basically have two options. Buy a flower or a neighborhood and stand up for you with a begging to accept the necessary documents “after the deadline” and issue the old agenda for vs.

If he refuses, eat the surroundings yourself to strengthen your nerves. ek vs toti vylovn daovho piznn. Issue in the wage thorn a certificate of taxable income and pay. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems at first glance. In addition, you can use the series in the area of ​​Penze MF DNES, which will be published in the terrain until the end. Until then, you have to fill in the form.

If you find out that such an amount would be too much for you, you can pay a consultant who will pay for everything in the case of a simple tax return.

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