Are you a husband with at least one child and live in the same household? Then you have fulfilled the basic conditions for the joint taxation of family incomes. Advisor František Brabec answered the questions.

1. I have heard that if I do not have a wife, I will pay off together. In which cases is the common tax suitably appropriate and who is entitled to it?

If your wife does not receive a day and you support at least one child, it is generally possible that the common tax will always pay off. Even if you have an income in the lowest tax dog, thanks to the company you will seem to receive a discount on the wife as a taxpayer and a dependent person. You may not apply the joint tax, for example, if you are subject to the obligation to set a minimum tax base or if you are taxing the income from the first of the first tax periods.

2. In 2006, Manelka spent only 25,000 crowns on an agreement on the execution of work. Jin had no income and was at home. Can I use a readable item on the raised handle in the event of a joint manelle?

If the wife did not have any other income, you can apply a tax rebate of 4200 crowns.

3. Last year I worked in Norway from Norway to November. Among other things, her income seemed abroad. Can we and our wife, who is in the household, file a tax return together? Will I be paid back if necessary?

In accordance with the provisions of the double taxation treaties concluded by the Czech Republic, the income from abroad is applied. Bad on a specific type of income (employed, independent allowance), the amount of tax paid abroad is one of the options to avoid double taxation. It is probable that everyone is subject to the obligation to file a tax return for 2006, and I recommend contacting an expert here.

4. The daughter reached the age of 26 in August last year. According to him, he is studying for a high bike in a master’s degree program. Together with my wife we ​​consider zdann manel together. One of the conditions for the application of a common taxable husband is at least one dependent child under the age of 26, who lives with them in the same household. Meme vyutho zdann manel?

You can last apply together for the last time in the year when the daughter reached the age of 26. You can leave the discount on dt, but only for eight msc, ie 4,000 crowns.

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5. The son, with a permanent residence in Ostrava, is studying at a university in Prague. We want to work together. The condition is that their son must be in the same household, but he is in Prague for the rest of the year. Meme?

According to civil law, the household is a natural person who pays the costs for his needs on a permanent basis. We must not take the condition of a permanent joint bag in absolute terms, that is, they must all be permanently present in one place. The tax on income from the fact that for the application of the tax advantage on the child does not affect the temporary stay of the child outside the household. Such a situation is typically the student’s stay in the dormitory, when the descendant did not live at the same address, but is further educated for a long time. In such a case, you can file together.

6. I am a private entrepreneur and my wife is employed. My income from business is several times higher than the income of the wife. To reduce the total amount paid in income tax, we decided to take a joint tax. Can we take them out?

If you are raising at least one child with you in the household, you can apply it jointly, unless otherwise restricted by law, for example, if you would divide the income into cooperating persons and whether the income was earned for more tax periods.

7. Manel company and I am employed on ad. We decided to tax the family’s income together. Do we have to fill in the tax and submit it ourselves? How do you submit documents to the employer?

It is possible to apply joint taxation only and only in the form of a tax return, and at the same time, if the manager uses the services of a tax advisor and gives him a power of attorney for deferral, you must also authorize him. If you are only employed, file with the employer for confirmation of taxable income and sheltered taxes.

8. In the case of joint taxation, he does not know how to deal with the man’s income from the old-age pension. How do you enter values ​​into the calculator together?

The income from the old-age pension has a tax return in the following cases:
a) if it does not exceed 38,040 crowns ron, me si
old-age pensioners apply a tax rebate for a fee of more than 7,200 crowns;
c) if in year it is not more than 198,000 crowns, the amount exceeding this limit is taxable income and is taxed as other income according to 10 in Ploha. 2. If these variants do not apply to all of them, you will not state the date of entry in the calculation of the joint tax, unless there are some non-taxable benefits, such as gifts, and a number of pensioners to pay their supplementary pension and life insurance. a tax dispute arises from the division of your tax base.

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