Manfred Koller, vice-chairman of the board of directors of eskomoravsk stavebná spořitelna, answered questions about the exchange support for the building society. From his point of view, the first discussion is about state support in the moments when it is a state budget. It is important to take your weight into account that without the support it would not be able to work.

The building joint is known to a large extent on the wall support. How much money do I need for all the support? How is it for vs dleit from the position of your business?

Of course, this is the longest factor. The connection in the Czech Republic is strongly connected with the state support and it can work only thanks to the state support. Therefore, it is very according to vc.

In the Czech Republic, the building society works mainly thanks to the state support. How is it in Germany, where do you have such experience from?

There is so much support in Germany, but there are several ways in which the state supports building savings. There is classic sttn support as in the Czech Republic, then support for client performance and since November 2008 we have a novelty. The building block is quickly connected to the retirement floor at the same level as the pension connection.

The client can therefore get three types of wall support for building savings.

The Czech Republic is considered a country with one of the highest state subsidies for building societies.

Is it true. But you in Hungary and Romania are supported by you. You need to find out when and how the support started. When building connections were introduced in Austria and Germany, then you were the only support. And when the system starts up after years, people start to think differently, the product change is so different, and therefore there has been a lot of support in Germany and Austria.

In Hungary, support is now being given to us, and in Romania it should be increased this year.

From time to time, the Minister of Finance will reopen and test the possibilities of reducing and canceling the support of building societies. How do you make these efforts?

I think that the position of the building society today is different from the past. Our building society has a ratio between loans and deposits of more than 70 percent. This means that the resources that the people in the building society are actually used in the form of dwellings in the construction apartments.

Our clients do not depend on years of risk, which means that the investment in building savings is very rewarding, because according to the support of economic growth. It provides many jobs.

A building bond is a product that encourages people to save, create their own capital first, and then even the debt is not so high.

How do you estimate the fall if the building savings support is canceled?

This way, the building connector simply will not work. Then we would have to embark on him else. We would have to become a mortgage bank, and as a first step we would have to take years. Because if we wanted to continue to provide vry, we would have to refinance as a normal bank. The result would be that our products would become very expensive for clients.

The system actually only works when I have support.

The last dream of support in the year 2003 was due to the fact that the support for the support of piblin was about 5 billion crowns, and in addition to that, the work on the water ditch was not long ago. M vbec stt njakou monost snit sttn podporu, ani by dolo k rstu vdaj?

That’s it. This time we warned the government that reducing the amount of support will mean extra costs. The consequences of the then reduction of support will manifest itself, but and in the coming years. Overall expenditure is gradually declining.

But of course, this increases the performance of building societies.

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