There is not enough to talk about how criminals abuse the goodness or naivety of old-age pensioners to rob them of their pensions and savings. There’s a way to get rid of it. Enter so that the payment of the pension sticks to et and do not keep cash at home in the evening.

Owning a bank today doesn’t have to be expensive. The growing competition has made it very easy to get a free bank, where free really means paying nothing.

The staff is nothing complicated here either. If seniors are skeptical, do not have a yard to modern technology and a credit card with two breasts, there is still the possibility to choose a pension at the bank’s bank. In many banks, it’s free and several times per month. Vt cash then do not have to fly at home and retirees risk the risk of someone robbing their pension.

When asked how to order the Czech Social Security Administration to start sending the pension to the bank, said Renata Provaznkov from the SSZ communication department.

If the pensioner wants to receive the pension by transfer to the company, how can I do it?
You must first fill in enough on the prescribed form. If the client wants to receive a pension on his own, a form called “enough to start paying the pension with a voucher – the owner here” appears. In the case, the predecessor wants to send the pension to et manela and wife, a form called “enough about zazen pay the pension by reference to et manela (wife)”:

  • enough about zazen payroll pension by pointing to et – owner here

  • enough to pay for the pension by reference to the number of men and women)

The forms are available on the SSZ website, or they can be picked up at the district offices of social security, in Prague at earth offices.

Where should the completed form be delivered to you and what do you pay attention to?
The client will sign the completed form and have it confirmed by the bank with which the account is made. It is good to know that the payment of the pension can be entered only to the number of the entitled person (pensioner) or his / her spouse.

The number of other persons, such as offspring, birth, siblings, second, registered partner of the Czech Social Security Service, cannot pay the salary. The only exception is when this other person has been appointed guardian or special recipient of the pension. The form can then be sent to the address of the central esk message of the social security, Kov 25, 225 08 Prague 5.

To which banking institutions can I have the pensioners send the pension to?
The list of cash status to which pensions can be sent is published on the SSZ website. You can find it here.

How long does it take for the change to take place and for the payment to start on the bank account?
The change of the method of payment is usually made from the 2nd, at the latest from the 3rd month of payment after the date of delivery.

Are there any errors you need to watch out for?
Sometimes people forget to sign the form or send it unconfirmed by the bank. In that case, the SSZ drilled it back to them to complete the necessary needs. It is therefore important to choose a suitable form if the husband has one company.

The manel who is the owner sails here, signs and confirms two forms entitled “Enough about the payment of the pension by reference to the owner – here”. The manele who has the person must fill in and dt confirm “enough to start paying the pension with a reference to the number of manela (wife)”. This form must be signed by both the owner and the owner.

If I am just getting ready to retire and want to take it straight to the bank, how far in advance and how much to negotiate?
If the client wants to send the pension to the retirement, it is optimal when the completed, signed and confirmed by the bank form before the OSSZ / PSSZ / MSSZ at the same time during the scheduling of the pension.

What do I ever want to change on which retirement I go?
People often ask how to proceed when their retirement goes on and they want to change for the sake of retirement. The sending of the pension to another bank (to another bank) must be submitted through the changed forms. Thus, the SSZ will make this change usually from the 2nd, at the latest from the 3rd paying month after the date of delivery.

There will be no change in the SSZ systems, the return is sent to the original slot. Pensions, which cannot be delivered due to possible cancellation here, the SSZ will pay in the form of one-time payments for the number of new. Therefore, if the recipient of the pension to the bank, he should know whether to start the cancellation immediately or and after receiving the pension to the new bank.

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