The labor market is mn. Individual fields are losing their boundaries and, thanks to modern technology, are intertwined with other industries. And the problem with many companies is that their management has not noticed. This was also due to employee dissatisfaction. Ji Devt, the manager of several leading companies, explains how to change the company’s culture for the better.

Ji Devt has in the past worked with companies such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems. He thus contributed to the transformation of Czech Airlines. Today, in addition to his own business, he cooperates with the company IdeaSense, in which he focuses on the strategic scene of development and building corporate culture. And so he visits the company from the company and helps them to be better employers. How’s he doing?

How do companies vs contact?
Our company will help companies to introduce new products or services to the market. So the company here, if something is happening in the market, there is a change, and it will have to drink with a new promise or a new product. From us, he wants to find out how this product and service will be perceived by the end customers and how to launch it on the market. Only often will they find that the main brake on innovation is the company itself. Respectively her employees. Basically, people don’t want to change anything when it works. Especially when some changes in the companies are not wanted or they don’t like.

Why do companies need to show how to improve the mood of employees? Don’t they figure it out on their own?
The key problem for companies is that management often does not notice changes in the environment. often your people, who have grown up in the company, have climbed to their post for ten to fifteen years, and the principles that brought them to the top are still valid. Only ten years is a long time and during that time my aunt, mon half the people have changed. And not only the company but also the labor market has changed. As long as the field is losing boundaries, for example telecommunications, IT companies are taking over, as well as penetrating into finance. Healthcare is all about promise, not just expertise. This is how the people must be led differently.

They should actively work on corporate culture, regardless of whether or not the economy will prosper. Interest in the lost values ​​will continue in the future. It’s not just an immediate need. It is not the case that if there is a recession in five years, so that companies say, well, we don’t have to do that, we will still miss it. As the fields intersect, as technology has changed, so does change. Just big monuments, statues representing missed the company ‘s chances, they don’t work and companies have to realize that.

Isn’t it necessary to add pensions and offer great benefits? a number of companies take this path.
In tbek it is evaluated according to the number, but not in the leading cities. In recent years, there has really been a huge expansion of benefits, when I realized companies were fighting the labor market so that employees paid them. Nabdlystravenky for a hundred, fotblek, meat. Only in certain cases do bonuses grow. People will say: good photos, good food stamps, my wife is satisfied that you can go to my company account for more, but for the sake of meat I will not be here. People want to work for a good employer, they want to have meaningful work and honor that they move in the work.

So what exactly does your work look like in companies?
When a company discusses the innovation of the employee environment, it will hold interviews. This is absolutely a st. Let’s talk with the employees on different levels, with different exchanges, with different lengths of stay in the company and we are looking for key tactics that are important to them.

Are the people open in conversations?
It is necessary to beat the barires at the arrest. These are individual interviews. Explain who I am and how experienced I have for the interviewee to acquire the court. Gradually, we get into his environment and feeling. I ask you about how he got into the company, what positions he went through, how good the position was for him, how relations with managers were established, if they helped him. Later, I ask him more openly – what makes him busy, how nice he is, who likes him, who, on the contrary, enjoys him. Or what a good company should look like.

What are the most defective employees?
Among the top five topics are -j versus manager relationships and collaborations with fellow nap companies. He gave darkness, which is repeated, and even surprising for the management of companies, is a question of the meaningfulness of work. People value whether the work they do has some value for the company, where that value is and whether anyone can recognize the value. Related to this is personal development, so the question: will help the company unleash my potential, so that I move somewhere? These are kehk things that cannot be solved, because in the description of the work I suggest that the tables have a meaning for the financial department.

Co jet?
This repeats the darkness of the work environment. As time goes on, new generations emerge, so the views on the shape of the working environment are more pronounced. You can’t tie the same office for all employees, companies need to be more flexible. Someone to be able to work outside the office, someone to make sure that he has peace in the office, others to work from home for a long time. It is not possible to have one pattern on all handcuffs.

What follows the interviews?
Analytical st, when we rehearse the interviews, if we have a video, we monitor the number of respondents. Then we cover the main darkness, which is repeated and we go with them to the top management of the company. Manaei both react in such a way that this does not work for them, that it is probably a different company. Reality is always different from what keeps companies in mind.

So you have to agree on the problematic points in order to advance the dl.
Yes, and it’s possible. Then, in the dark, the people from the company sit over the individual darkness and look for a recipe for how to eat. We also know, for example, that many employees have a working environment. So we can paint the offices or build them, or we can work more in mushrooms. Fall down ideas that might help. And with them we go to the employees again.

See if they have lb ideas?
And whether they really want it. Let’s tell them what it might look like. These are actually such prototypes. But it’s not just their yes, no. Let’s trade these ideas.

How to trade?
Similar to the stock market. They get a pile of fictitious pensions and buy ideas for them, which they think will be the most successful. Not those who personally like them the most. You do not buy shares depending on how the company changes. Let’s develop theories of predictive markets, ie less potential performance of anything.

Also, employees invest in the case of changes within the company?
Yes, and after a few days, see how the market develops. You will find out that they have invested in a certain case themselves, that there is no income from it, so the case will be sold and the pension will be invested in another, which is possible in time. Filter ideas with a content of not more than 70% very cleanly.

How long does such a satisfaction survey take?
A few msc companies give you instructions on how to become a better company. A company in which employees will be satisfied and loyal. And therefore willing to join the new services and product.

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