Who wouldn’t know David’s hits for eight years? His unforgettable spartakid “Buds or songs for the film Diskopbh are only a fraction of his work at the time. Although Michal David sings at present, he devotes much more time to his company, which is varied.

Depending on what you are about, you are a very inorod hunter. In what field do you actually do business?
Business firm in show business. It is basically a very creative job and moreover to go quite quite diverse, because it takes a long time for several activities at the same time. Professions such as author, producer, performer, musical playwright and owner of a rough studio could be included in my business.

Have you ever done business with others?

I always did business only in the field of music, I can’t do anything else. But kdov, mon e I could go do business in advertising or in mdich. It will happen to you as soon as possible…

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a non-traditional business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, for example, you could do as much as it is, do business in show business, trade in flowers and sell weapons.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​starting your own production company? And when?
I did not initially think about a production company, the idea was born and a sweat when I started a recording studio. It was in 1988, I am also one of the first entrepreneurs in this field. I really received one of the first trade licenses from the then National Committee.

Podpoila vs family and ptel?
Of course, I wouldn’t be able to handle those arrests without the support of my family. It was not only about psychological support, but also financially, and I must admit that my friends also went to the hot studio with me this time. At that time, I would not be able to do it financially. Over time, I paid them all and currently I am the sole owner. It’s so good.

Where company sdl?
My company shared in Keslice, ie in the city where I live, also a studio just like a part of a house. Among other things, it is suitable for you because I can create whenever I feel bad (and mm just in time). The fact that I don’t have to pay them is also not negligible, because the taxes around Prague are really horrible.

What was the biggest thing for you in the business?
Get vr from the bank, I sweated a lot and so got up. In the end, Obchodn banka paid me a million crowns for a fixed annual rate of 24%. It was just usury on their part, but it was rd, e those pensions mm, and I stopped it. As you can probably spot, the years back then were not just spltta itself.

Mte zamstnance?
No, I just hire technicians to study, and I’m working on a trade license. It’s definitely simple.

Are you psn f?

I’m not psn f. I couldn’t tell anyone, because I’m too soft for that. f must sometimes encourage what is not in nature.

You’re a hunter. Is it easy to do business with a well-known name?
Sometimes it’s good, other times it’s not. It is, of course, a privilege if you know people and you are publicly known, because you have two things. The fact that the hunter is known and therefore in control (or in some way under control) is a certain certainty for them.

What does all your production offer and provide?
I produce musicals, projects for performers – from recordings and releases of CDs and DVDs, and to public performances. In the production of “Cleopatra’s Music”, I provide the Broadway and Hybernia repertor theaters.

Show off your results

Musicles of Cleopatra, Ti muketi, Angelika. I wrote a lot of songs for Karel Gott, Lucia Blou, Iveta Bartoová, Monika Absolonová and gave. Help young performers (eg from the Super Star) Tomi Savek, Vakov, Petr Polek, etc. This also falls within the scope of work and competence of the company.

You are definitely a great musician. What vs motivates to skldn, where do you get inspiration?

Inspiration from the top, I am also very grateful and humble for it. Perhaps it is not entirely clear that my work on music is certainly a messenger. Also – if a hunter receives talent from God, it is a great gift to be made.

What are you planning for the future?

In the near future, the music of Mona Lisa, according to the then offer for the music of Kat Mydl, and in the heads of it, a long time on Matu Hari. As you can see, I’m not bored, working and overhead, but on the other hand I’m not worried, because I have a lot of fun to go under it.

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