If there is an “international financial market”, most people imagine New York, London or Frankfurt. Zkuen investoi add to it go Moscow, Anghai or Mexico City. The volume of pensions in advanced economies is growing from year to year. Central banks move the economy with a free monetary policy. Penz pibv, the income of the population is growing, so is the consumption and desire to invest.

The consequence? There is a surplus of capital. But not vude. Despite the global expansion, there are many areas in the world that lack capital. A small businessman in a number of Asian, African and Latin American countries will usually not get to vr. They are therefore willing to pay unusually high rates for vr. For Mexian, Brazilians, Indians, Vietnamese, etc. do they have such a small chapter?

often it is simple because from their village it is to the nearest town the day of the trip there and the day of the journey back. But even a small entrepreneur in big cities has problems with accessibility. He is not interested in large banks, among other things, because they have enough clients from a number of large companies, which are among the recipients of state subsidies and investment incentives.

As in ki small entrepreneurs

Theoretically, it looks easy: visit a branch, say, the Mexican bank Banorte and get a nice squadron: vr from in a million pesos (ie 2 million crowns), without a pledge, with a fixed rate, and for 3 years. The rate is 20% per year, but with regular payment you can get a lower rate after a year.

It is clear that when a bank like Banorte is only willing to meet the needs of a small business, it requires audited financial statements for the last 3 years. Employees in India, Kenya or Mexico usually do not have a general point, which is an audit, the least often do not lead the ethnicity, and if so, they are usually permanently lost for tax reasons. And although the small and small business sector is surprisingly productive, this huge growth potential has not been exploited due to a lack of capital – despite the fact that the collapse of financial capital is literally five. Poor people in countries without a social system are a natural entrepreneur, because entrepreneurship is a must.

One of the financial problems of the smallest entrepreneurs exists in the form of microwaves, which are small business creep in the amount of hundreds of dollars. years of peace usually move in the dog’s percentage points, which are incredibly high rates. The reason is mainly high operating costs. But even the vrov mare are very high in terms of Zpad. However, it is still a cheap chapter, not how they provide usury. You have hundreds of percent ron. While usury tries to trap the debt in the debt trap, microfinance tries to strengthen its economic independence. Lpe eeno, its economic independence. The vast majority of microfinance clients are represented because they are conscientious, realistic and reliable clients.

Microfinance as a charity

This is a well-known concept, popularized by Mohammed Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize winner. Therefore, large banks and financial groups did not pay much attention to them until recently. And so Yunus received the Nobel Prize for mr, not for economics.

It is only in recent years that the concept that microfinance is a business like any other – and that it represents an interesting investment complexity – has begun to be promoted. Record years of interest rates and low credit spreads (some risk takers) have made some banks and investment companies look for alternatives first in the little-explored world of microfinance. He is still little known about Zpad and is therefore considered a risk.

It should be noted here that, to a large extent, the risk concerns are justified: even microfinance is not a guaranteed recipe for high, risk-free returns. Only some microfinance institutions have a really solid financial management and provide an excellent level of financial statements. To look for these good institutions wants knowledge of the local environment and finances. Of course, the microfinance market is not efficient, so the strengths associated with analysis can lead to high-risk, low-yield returns.

The volume of microfinance has so far been limited in that, from the point of view of failing investors (even those), it was a non-profit business, something about the method of debt adoption. Now we are pushing for a business approach. This is the first path of development, because it can get the whole industry to you, professional level and let the poor pay more. Although it seems that Zpad is trying to go to poverty, in fact the “business” approach to microfinance in the first poor. Substantially improve their approach to the chapter.

An investor who wants to break free from the dire dictates of an efficient market must travel to you and to the village of Quadrilla, to the town of San Pedro Arriba or to the semi-pilgrimage area of ​​the Sierra Blanca in the state of Guanajuato. These are only those of many thousands of locations where there is a demand for small business in Mexico. There will also be small entrepreneurs who want to work, have customers, but hold on to the chapter.

“In the state of Guanajuato, a microfinan group has been set up for retirement. Because their number is gradually increasing, the chapter will go, ”says Tom Hes, working for the Mexican microfinance institution Credicomn. “The demand for boils is immense and the potency is far from uncovered. The loss rate is only 0.24% of total assets. They are used to finance small-scale farming, agriculture and retail. At the hurry of small entrepreneurs, the dependence of their family. ”

Vldn support is not free

Credicomn is an organization that is funded firmly by the Mexican government’s foundation to support small businesswomen (allegedly from the state fund costs 11% per annum, the condition is to submit audited funding for each quarter!). However, the government fund is not enough, there is a demand for external funding. You don’t have to worry about competitive pressure for many years to come, because the markets are unsatisfied. At present, according to some estimates, only 5% of the world’s demand for microfinance is met, which corresponds to about 80 million people.

The methodology of microwaves is based on intensive control and compliance with accurate methodology. There is a need for technology, discipline, long-term strategy and know-how. The lack of knowledge about poor countries (or about poorer regions of relatively rich countries) is still a major barrier to the entry of many institutions from the West. And the locals who could have know how, schz kapitl. Thus, as long as there is a term “tet world”, there will be room for microfinance.

In the Czech Republic, there is a unique project that seeks to connect creditors from developed countries (ie the Czech Republic) with debtors in poor countries, for the arrest in Mexico. More information is available on the pages www.myelen.com or www.microfinance.cz.

ryvek is from the book
Investin strategy for tet tiscilet

vydan nakladatelstvm City Publishing,
You can find more information at www.grada.cz

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