et retirees get stickers in the fifth year. From the January installments of 2018, the basic amount of income will increase by 150 crowns, the percentage of income will increase by 3.5 percent. With almost 3.5 million completed pensions, the Czech Social Security Administration will carry out the automatic security automatically, there is no need to give it.

The recipients of the pension, regardless of whether the pension is paid in cash through a Czech bank or a non-cash account, will still be notified by a regular postal service (SSZ) in mid-December to mid-January to their address registered in the SSZ .

To whom and how much does the income

Valorisation applies to all types of pensions, ie old-age, including early old-age pensions, invalidity (for first, second and third degree invalidity), widows, widowers and orphans.

The basic amount of the pension (the same for all types of pension) increases by 150 crowns, from now 2,550 crowns to 2,700 crowns.

The percentage of the income, which is individual and dependent on the acquired retirement age and income and wages, will increase by 3.5 percent, according to Jan Buraov, speaks of SSZ.

The outside pension is regulated by the government. 343/2017 Coll., On the basis of which the pensions are valorised, paid out from the Czech pension insurance, which were paid before January 1, 2018.

Examples of valorization in K
vyplcenho dchodu vroce 2017
Retirement January 2018Please
from January to 2018 installments:
zdroj: SSZ

The so-called long-term pensions are also valorising

This involves so-called long-term pensions, which were granted according to the coordinated regulations of the European Union or according to international agreements on social security. In this case, the percentage of income increases by about 3.5 percent of the value. The basic amount of long-term income increases by a relatively large amount of 150 crowns, which corresponds to the ratio of Czech time to the total acquired insurance time.

This increases the fees for pensions

From January 2018 onwards, payments will be made for the retirement of some kives caused by the communist regime, participants in the national struggle for the establishment and liberation of Czechoslovakia and some of the survivors. These payments are about 3.5 percent of the total in the payment, says Jana Buraov.

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