Filling in the tax return without a single mistake will not work. Each tax is responsible for errors. What to look out for and how to proceed when you make a mistake after submitting the completed form, the advice of tax advisors Andrea Kleinov from Crowe Horwath.

a number of people filled it in and submitted a tax return. But many leave it at the last minute. What mistakes do we most often make when filling out the same formula?
The most common tax returns are deficiencies in the application of deductible items and tax rebates. Taxpayers sometimes try to apply preferentially, to which they have no claim, or apply them in the wrong place.

Bume specific: what to look for when I apply the discount in case e mm closed pension connection.
In the case of a supplementary pension, taxpayers can dream of a tax deposit of up to 12,000 crowns. To earn tax levies, you need to spend more than 12,000 crowns a year. The resulting amount, he can dream of his tax base, so that he deducts the first 12,000 crowns from the savings bank.

Here, it is often a mistake that taxpayers deduct the entire tax they have spent in a year from the tax.

Do people miss the application of tax rebates on life insurance?
In the case of life insurance, some taxpayers, in ignorance, try to apply for reimbursement even on a contract that does not meet the final conditions. Only those who have a successful collection in their contracts and after 60 months from the conclusion of the contract can dream of this, and at the earliest in the year when the insurance company reaches the age of 60 and at the same time their contract does not allow for a regular collection.

He gave a single discount for years from hell to living. What will be forgotten in this case?
Some taxpayers forget that they can only leave the years, not the entire amount paid, including the principal payment.

It happens that the taxpayers want to claim the benefits of the year for real estate, even though this property was sold last year and they were not its owners on the last day of the year, I do not meet the final conditions.

Asmistakes are the most common, when taxpayers apply a discount on both mane and wife?
The mistake that taxpayers make in this case is that they do not include all relevant incomes in the partner’s income. they often neglect unemployment benefits, sickness benefits and maternity benefits. If they forget this income, they decide that they are entitled to a discount. But the opposite is true.

All tax discounts need to be documented. What to do if I do not hand in any document? What threat of sanctions?
Missing surfaces are a very common mistake. If the taxpayer wants to claim one of the deductible items, and in the change of years from the mortgage or, for example, provide gifts, he must prove this fact in the area of ​​the tax return. If you forget one of the plots and submit the tax return without any of the required documents, you do not have to worry about sanctions in this case. Finann ad vs will call for a correction, but you must keep in mind that if you ask for a refund, you can receive it later due to your own inattention.

Co dalho si ohldat?
In addition to serious errors, such as the application of discounts and rebates, taxpayers make such minor administrative errors, very often due to mere inattention. In addition to unfilled and incorrectly filled-in fields, rounded spots appear incorrectly and some players even forget that you need to sign a letter.

What if I ever give a letter at the last minute and I don’t have time to submit the form to you?
Late delivery gave them a fairly numerous mistake. Stle tak and quite a lot of people. In this case, taxpayers have five working days, during which they can correct their mistake without the threat of financial penalties. Whoever does not do so will be exchanged a fine of 0.05% of the set tax for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 5% of the set tax.
If you have problems with late submissions, it is good to know whether it is better to ask a tax advisor to deposit a power of attorney, as in this case the deadlines will be extended by three months. It is necessary to keep in mind that the power of attorney must be delivered to the tax administrator no later than on the day of expiry of the application period, ie in the case of applications for the year 2016 by April 3, 2017.

What to do if someone finds out that they submitted an incorrectly completed tax return?
Several factors play a role in correcting incorrectly filled in and submitted applications. Wrong, whether the taxpayer found shortcomings to drive before the expiration of the application period, or later, and so whether his tax liability increases. If the hunter goes before the expiration of the application period, he finds that he forgot to apply for a discount and the expense or forgot to include some income, a corrective certificate can be filed.

If you discover the error later, you may file an additional tax return, which would lead to a reduction of tax obligations, only if the specified conditions are met. In the event that this is an error leading to a tax liability, the taxpayer is obliged to prepare and submit an additional tax return. The fee must be delivered to the financial office at the latest at the end of the month following the month when the error was detected.

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