At the end of December 2014, 75,000 pensions were extended through the execution of the Serbs, which is 4,318 more than in 2013. Last year, the Czech Social Security Agency had to tear down the execution of the secured security and point to those entitled persons and the executor more than 1.5 billion crowns.

It is no exception that in one pensioner we record two, or even several exekunch orders, to Jana Buraov, speaking the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ). As he adds, for more than 40,000 pensions, the SSZ records the execution title, but because the pension does not reach the so-called confiscation, the execution does not cost the Serb. However, this does not mean that the debt is extinguished. If the pensioner does not pay it in another way, the SSZ registers the decision and until the time when the pension is increased, or the number of dependents at the pensioner changes so that it can be paid to the employee, note the speech.

The execution of the Czech Republic is the case of the social security of all types of pensions, ie old-age, invalidity and survivors, as well as payments to pensions. The deduction is made on the basis of the delivered execution order, and until the debt is fully paid for the year and the expense related to the execution. Let’s end the sweat from retirement, note the SSZ talk.

Poet dchod se zazenou exekun srkou
Total40 71846 12151 18460 87467 61470 99775 315
source: SSZ, data as of 31 December of each year

The pensioners always find out about the fact that the pension will be burdened by executions. In the written notification, the SSZ also states the proceedings of the executive title and the institution that issued it. If the citizen believes that his execution is unjustified, he must contact the institution that issued the execution title, adds Jana Buraov. The SSZ sent the written information in such a case that the pension does not reach a confiscable size and the execution of the Serb cannot be carried out in such a case.

If the client is unable to meet his financial obligations, I can file a lawsuit for permission to declare personal bankruptcy. In such a case, the insolvency court always decides on the manner of separation. One of the ways of separation is the fulfillment of the installment calendar, when since its approval the SSZ from the debtor’s pension has been settled by the court and remits it to the insolvency administrator. Such initiated proceedings shall be carried out for a period of five years, unless the insolvency court decides on their termination. The insolvency court may file the SSZ in such a way that the entire income of the debtor points to the insolvency administrator. As of 31 December 2014, the SSZ sent the customs pension to the insolvency administrator of Piblin in 2,300 cases, concluded Jana Buraov.

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