Economists and realtors predict this year’s slowdown in the housing market will not be fulfilled yet. According to MF DNES, the mortgage is still growing and the construction of new flats is growing. According to the issue of domestic banks, this year the first two months will end in terms of housing and locks records.

“Interest in mortgages is growing sharply. This year, we provided 2,078 mortgages worth 3.6 billion crowns in the first two months of the year. Last year, at that time, it was 1,445 vr for 2.2 billion, ”says Raiffeisenbank’s Tom Kofro.

Keep records
The bank wants to close twelve percent more mortgages this year than in a record year. esk spoitelna, which reigns on the mortgage market in the Czech market, is modest. “The interest in mortgages lasts, even if the rate of growth of urits does not reach loskch fifty percent. Then with a ten percent increase in their volume, ”to Pavla Plach from the press department of the bank.

According to the new mortgage indicator Hypoindex, which will be collected from nine banks, mortgages with an average of 5.55 percent a year in the den. Against the Norwegian burrow, the rate rose by more than one percent. For millions of mortgages for twenty years, this means paying 6,910 crowns, seven hundred more than last year.

In addition, it has grown into mortgages. The people earn an average of 1.8 million against 1.6 million crowns. Banks are trying to pay more clients to mortgages, so they grew to make big differences between the year and five years of frozen fixation, and also reduced fees.

He gave the development of the Czech National Bank during the development year, but this year some of them will increase. Inflation, which the bank keeps at the rate of years, is growing, but the koruna is strengthening it. This reduces imports and puts more pressure on price growth.

This year, according to banks and brokers, there will be fewer people who could actually afford a breath over their heads. “Because of my years, my household will reach out to me. This will compensate for the wage, ”adds Raiffeisenbank.

David Krajn, f realitky Re / max, pot s tm, e pibude zjemc o pronjmy. He gave the sermon that the people would want to live better or live, not have. Correspondingly, a new survey published by Incoma Research on Wednesday.

According to him, every eight households from Prague and the surrounding area want to change their address in those years. In these regions, the apartment will sell and the state the most. Compared to previous years, there was an increase in the purchase of a new apartment and the price that recipients are willing to pay for a new apartment. “The interest in the stack increased with the aunt,” Tom Drtina from Incoma Research described for TK.

Pitalivj pronjmy
Of those who want to move, most want to go to another apartment and about forty percent to a family house. And definitely fixed interest in buying an apartment before renting, which is related to the decline in the year and the gradual mortgage of the population.

According to the survey, rents are preferred, especially by the poor, the old and the household. I’m not surprised. An apartment under two million can be found in cities such as Prague and Brno. The number of such mortgages is around four thousand for twenty years, while the rent has become cheaper to ten thousand msn.

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