Paradoxically, the rise in mortgage rates has made young people happy to consider arranging mortgages for their own home. Thanks to the renewed state support after those years, their repayments can be hundreds of crowns less.

Given that the average rate for 2008 has exceeded the 5% threshold, which is crucial for grant support, it will begin to contribute to mortgage payments to people under the age of 36 after a few years. The last time this was the case was in 2004, and since November 2005 stt has ended subsidies. tte here.

Characteristics sttn years of subsidy

Support and local subsidies for mortgage forms in the form of years of subsidies provided through individual contributions to mortgage payments.

At present, a subsidy is provided to the government. 249/2002 Coll., Which, among other things, defines three years of subsidies according to the average years of mortgage rates. As will be the case in this subsidy in a given calendar year, badly for the average year of rates for the previous year was announced by the Ministry of Urban Development always on the 1st of last year.

In the years of the subsidy hypotench incl
Average year rate for the previous yearIn the years of subsidies
8% a vce4 percent body
less than 8% and you or equal to 7%3 percent body
less than 7% and you or equal to 6%2 percent body
less than 6% and you or equal to 5%1 percent bid
men not 5%not provided

Given that the average annual rate for 2008, according to the proposals of the Ministry of Regional Development, reached 5.66%, the subsidy is at one percentage point.

The title of government defines the mortgage on which the subsidy can be obtained. In the case of a house for an apartment, the limit of 800 thousand crowns is limited. For a house with one apartment, the limit is 1.5 million crowns. It does not apply to support that crosses these two borders.

In the years of the subsidy, the salary is always paid for a period of five years at the rate that the client agrees with the bank, for a maximum period of five years. After this period, the subsidy is newly determined according to the conditions that apply on the day of transfer.

years of the subsidy is provided for the entire period of the mortgage, for a maximum period of ten years.

Stt has been subsidizing her mortgage since 1996

Stt began to contribute mortgages to her in the mid-nineties of the last century. The conditions for obtaining support were in the first place other, it is not now. Their changes took place in 2002.

Originally, people could only receive support for mortgages for new flats and houses, regardless of the applicant for support. From 1996 to the end of 2002, the people shared 26,679 flats with a granted state subsidy, and by the end of 2002, the state had paid more than 1.4 billion crowns on contributions.

In 2002, there were changes to the original conditions for the allocation of subsidies and you still pay today. Unlike the original ones, only people under the age of 36 and only two-year-old real estate can receive new contributions.

Data source: MMR

The young people showed a great interest in subsidies, and in 2003 and 2004 alone the state paid 969 million crowns.

The state continued to provide subsidies on 1 November 2005, when the average year’s rate for 2004 first fell below 5%, when it was 4.92%.

Now, after those years, young people who start a mortgage bond in the period from 1 November 2009 to 31 January 2010 are entitled to a contribution of more than 1 percentage point.

Number of flats and volume of mortgages with granted stnn support
ObdobPoet bytMortgage volume
(in millions of K)
do 31. 12. 1996 126 127
1997 2 031 1 557
1998 2 761 2 336
1999 3 053 3 403
2000 4 765 5 601
2001 7 14910 148
2002 6 794 7 468
2003 7 70311 093
2004 7 243 8 992
2005 2 890 4 025
2006 1 018 1 138
2007 344 363
2008 279 394
Total until 31 December 200846 15656 645
Source: MMR

Apply for support at the bank

Written enough to provide support to the bank with which you want to draw a mortgage loan, at the earliest on the day of concluding the mortgage contract and at the latest on the day of starting its drawdown. It is not possible to provide a one-year subsidy for vrm, where it was started erpn.

Thanks to these conditions, they will lose subsidies to thousands of young people who have started to draw in recent years. Due to the fact that the subsidy was zero, many did not want to undergo administrative steps with the need for support and thus deprived themselves of the possibility of a state contribution at present.

At the same time, applicants for support must submit an original clear statement on the bank’s form, a purchase contract with a clause on permitting the first owner’s deposit in the real estate cadastre, an entry from the real estate cadastre with the applicant’s registered owner and proof of real estate (or two years).

It takes me a few weeks to get tired

Konen approved a fairly significant contribution to the Ministry of Urban Development. So do not sweat with the fact that your enough will be exposed in a few young days.

“It can be enough and after the start of the fulfillment of the heat and after all the documents are completed, of which at the time of the company the client usually has not even enough,” to Pavla Hvov from Hypoten banka. “If the client has completed all the materials, it is a matter of several weeks, including approval at the Ministry of Regional Development.”

Press release Komern banka Monika Klucov was quite adamant: “If the client has all the documents, he is quite fast. Due to the fact that the dates and forms of contracts are submitted to the Ministry of Regional Development, it was not possible for the client to issue two in less than 30 days. ”

Nepipravte se o tisce korun ron

For an idea of ​​how msn, resp. ron, due to the current one percent year subsidy, we have prepared a calculation for the apartment and family house.

Examples of sttn support
ParametersA flatFamily house with one apartment
In mortgages (in K)800 0001 500 000
years mortgage rate5,5 %5,5 %
Mortgage maturity10 let10 let
Sttn support1% of the year rate1% of the year rate
In msn support (in K)392734
Ve ron support (in K)4 7048 808

From the point of view, it is clear that the dispute on both the monks and the rafters is very interesting. Even with a certain administrative burden, young people are determined to pay for support, even if it is again zero in the coming years.

The banks themselves anticipate interest from mortgage applicants. “We know that clients will have a lot of financial support for mortgages. It is a long-term vr, so the possibility of a subsidy is sure to welcome, “said Kristna Havligerov, spokesman of esk spoitelny.

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