Are you retired and still retiring? Even in some cases, he will fill in and submit a tax return. Thanks to discounts on the tax bag, you will not pay in most cases.

Retirement + employment or employment agreement

The first example is when you work for someone for a long time as an ethnic, sales or graphic designer.

If you go to retirement, either live in a classic employment relationship, or you, on the basis of an agreement on the execution of work, and you have signed a “rebate” (equal to your employer), you will receive a certain payment reduced by a fee discount. You don’t have to worry about anything.

If you have not signed your statement or you have an employer, you must fill in and file the tax yourself. It will be suitable even if you worked only a few months a year, because the employer applied the discount only in those months when you worked for him. When you submit your tax yourself, you will be able to get a discount for the whole year.

How to do it
• you will receive a confirmation of income for the year 2009 from the employer

• on the other side of the tax return – income according to paragraph 6 – fill in according to the confirmation from the employer dky 31 and 45

• do not state the income anywhere (if you were not 288 thousand crowns a year, what exceeds this amount, you would enter in the area slo 2, in the box other income and then up to 40 pence)
• if you have any deductible items, you have to pay the life insurance, fill in sections 46 and 53
• in DCCH 54 to 60 vypotte da
• on 24 pages up to 64, you will add 24,840 crowns as a discount on the fee
• when the output in step 71 is clear, strain zero
• You can also get a discount on children if you do not know
• The DKU 84 to zap the bridge of confirmation from the employer how much vm knocked zlohch
• It is most likely that it will fail at length 91. This means that you will have to pay all or all of the money you have paid for the tax.
• then return to the fourth page of the basic tax formula

Retirement + business or rent

The type of treasure is for those who have a trade license and are you a car mechanic, a chest, but you are also a painter or a farmer.

If you live on the basis of a trade license or has a random income of more than 20 thousand crowns a year, you must fill out a tax return. Even if you take the pension, you are entitled to deduct a discount on the tax from the paid tax, the discount is 24,840 crowns.

How to do it

• in addition to the basic formula, you will sail the area 1 – income according to paragraph 7, or the area 2 – income according to § 10
• to. 101 (or in column 1 of the 2 Appropriations item 2), enter the income
• up to 102 expenses – either actual or half 60 or 80 percent, depending on the activity. Data on pjmm according to § 10 are stated only in fact. 1 column 3 Plohy. 2)
• then continue as the person who gives honor, with the exception of income according to § 10 – they do not pay health or social insurance.

The obligation to file a tax return applies to those pensioners who earn a regular rent and their income per year is more than 15 thousand crowns. The income from rent does not include health and social insurance.

How to do it
• in addition to the basic formula, you will sail to go to area 2 – incomes according to paragraph 9
• fill in the income by the year 201
• to. 202 state the data – either actual or paul 30 percent
• in section 206 you enter the difference between income and expenses and transfer the amount to section 39 of the basic formula
• if you have any readable items, fill in. 46 and 53
• on . 54 and 60 calculate da. On these pages up to 64 we offer a discount of 24,840 crowns
• when it comes out on board 71, you will drink zero there – you will not pay anything

Retirement + honor or agreement on the work performed

This case is interesting when you do an impact work for someone: shoot squadrons, take pictures, hold a quarrel.

If you have spent less than five thousand crowns on a contract for work or a maximum of seven thousand crowns in honor of contributions to the press, radio and television, you will receive a pension from the tax tax – you do not have to worry about anything.

If you pay for the bag, the employer will deduct the tax from you and then wrong on whether you have signed or signed the “declaration of income tax payer”. If so, you will get a discount – you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have only worked for a hundred years and at the same time have earned less than five thousand crowns per month, it will be appropriate for everyone to file a tax return and have the opportunity to apply for a discount for the whole year. If you have not signed the declaration, you will proceed in the same way as for an employment relationship.

If you worked for honor and received more than seven thousand crowns a month, you received the entire untaxed tax and you should enter the tax return here. Don’t worry, thanks to discounts you probably won’t pay the same day.

How to do it
• in addition to the basic formula, you will sail a jet area 1
• Enter the income in section 101 – the sum of unpaid fees
• up to a total of 102 expenses – either actual or paul in vi 60 percent
• fill in sections 104 and 113 (difference in income minus expenses) and transfer the result to the main formula in sections 37, 41, 41a, 42 and 45
• if you have any readable items, fill in. 46 and 53
• at . 54 to 60 vypotte of
• On these pages up to 64, you will add 24,840 crowns as a discount on the fee
• If vm 71 comes out of the counter, tension zero. If you have income from your own fees, you must provide reports on health and social insurance and pay it if necessary.

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