Languages ​​are a powerful tool in the search for high-level employment and better pay. Despite this, you can always rely on and improve their knowledge. Find a language bike, online education or go on an intensive course abroad.

Do you know Hungarian, Romanian or Czech? Companies still speak several languages ​​after the employees. Although many employers still state knowledge of a foreign language in their advertisements as a condition, even in positions where it is not you, the demand for people with good language skills is growing. There are thousands of them missing, me Michal Novk from the job portal

English is considered a foundation in many companies, but it is far from enough. You can also get to the foreground, Dutch or Korean. Language skills often lack expertise for a certain position. So why not dog throw something at one of the tongues?

Stay at home or go abroad?

For a full arrest, it is advisable to first look at the language course at home. Staying abroad comes in handy for moderately advanced students who need to improve in conversation and move in.

I couldn’t imagine going abroad alone. That’s why I chose a summer intensive course here with us. I chose a combination of grammar and conversation in a two-day course. During that time, I really leaned on my foundations, but most of all I stopped talking to Veronika, a graduate of a summer English course.

According to the lecturer, the English language abroad is very fast. If someone goes to England and America without any deposits or just with poor tad equipment, they won’t learn much. When you will not be able to join a basic conversation right after the trip and discuss local weather, a trip to the city or a conversation about your family and country, your arrests will not be easy, my Lucie Bechn from Helen Doron English.

Course for two and you thousands

The offer of language courses in Czech is wide. From classic lessons once a week to intensive daily courses. In addition to traditional methods, alternative approaches are often emerging, such as learning with the help of background music or various games.

Courses with intensive summer training are filling up fast, there are still vacancies. For example, the British Council offers weekly courses throughout the holidays. One course goes to tyi and est tisc. Outside Prague, summer courses are cheaper, a week of intensive training in Brno, Pilsen or Hradec Králové costs from two to three thousand.

If you do not have to attend the courses, the ideal option is online learning. You will receive videos and materials on which you work individually in advance. Such courses can be submitted for two and a half thousand crowns. Dalostost is an online lesson with a lecturer who works intensively with the student and leads the lesson, for example via Skype. Online teaching with a teacher is flexible over time, you can’t go anywhere and you can learn from anywhere, describes Filip Lehman from the online languages ​​of the round.

You go abroad and have a conversation

If you have language resources, go directly to the country of the language. You can live in French on the French Riviera, in Spanish in Spain, but also in Latin America. Our clients include children and adults. Quite often, when working in classical language rounds, they go out of time to improve or add a language to English, to Karel Klusk, director of Intact, which specializes in language courses. The maximum course time is two weeks.

The biggest benefit of a course abroad is, of course, a shift in conversation, abroad, the hunter simply talks. Klusk is one of the most popular destinations in the south-west of England, Edinburgh and Malta, where clients combine a course with a holiday on the beach.

It is best to go on a language course alone. The idea of ​​a traveler with a friend and a partner is pleasant, but if you really want to stick in the language, travel is ideal. It is necessary for the student to communicate twenty-two hours a day and make new contacts.

I went to Pae for a language course in lt after graduation. Although I had a background in French, I wanted to improve. I took a week-long intensive course led by a Frenchwoman. We were not allowed to speak English to each other at all, so communication was sometimes quite difficult. I learned pesto in less than a few years on the middle wheel, Julie’s novelty describes her experience.

The best thing is, the English is a matter of course

According to the job portal, the employer most often offers English in the following tables, followed by German, French and routine. At present, there is a growing interest in employees with a good knowledge of us. There is also a growing demand for those who speak the usual European languages, such as Dutch, Rumuntin, Maartin and Vietnamese.

With the expansion of Asian companies, there is a search for people with knowledge of Korean, Ntina or Japanese. Those who manage them for a while have a very interesting job.

While knowledge of two or more languages ​​is, in addition to managerial positions, required for salesmen, contact employees, employees in tourism, administration, marketing and some specialized fields, completely without language requirements, there are firm professions, peace of mind, and positions as a storekeeper, sell or go, states Michal Novk from

According to him, the real demand for people with good language skills is growing. At present, their errors are reported, most of them by the communication services centers. First of all, you can appreciate a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​financially. For non-traditional languages, wages are as much as ten to twenty percent.

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