You do not have to choose only consumer goods for renting a small apartment. It is often convenient to use an overdraft. It would be TV just like vr for a single year, when you know how to do it, you can keep it calm for ten years.

An overdraft is a good help, but not for anyone

Allowed peer here, or overdraft, is the service intended to bridge the short-term time discrepancy between the client’s income and expenses. It is directly connected to the current number of applicants and increases the available balance. Thanks to this, you don’t even have to know immediately that you don’t get your pension, but you borrow from the bank.

This is mainly due to the convenience, but also the disadvantage of the overdraft. vr erpt do toto only at the moment when the collection and payment of the order to the castle your finances simply is not enough. On the other hand, the previous period of the first item covers the debt, the costs of the overdraft (paid for years) are reduced. Only the rest remains here. The bank can sweat daily, but usually pay them at regular and annual intervals and according to the guarantee.

The unsuitable overdraft is that you have to spend the rest here in the dark. Problems can then occur especially in the case when the exhaustion is reached at the agreed level and it is even several times higher in regular income.

But if, for example, you have a mortgage, it is definitely worthwhile for you to call for an overdraft. In a tense family budget, short-term pensions may be missing and it is appropriate to draw (not only financially) a few days overdraft without risking a reminder and high penalty fees for unpaid mortgage payments.

(v tis. K)
MaturityPopl. for zzen (in K)Popl. for uvn services ms.
(in K)
(v % p.a.)
Bawag Bank10-250ron0/2001513,9
UNDERmax. 2nsobek ms. pjmudo 6 of chargefree of charge12,9/13,9
GE Money Bank5-100do 6 of charge0/2917,9
Komern bank2-100msn/
do 6 ms.
200free of charge16,5/19
Potovn spoitelna2-100do 6 ms.200912
UniCredit Bank10-150ron2002012
Volksbank5-100neuritofree of charge0/5016,25

Source: Banks
Note: Fees for the number of bank overdraft collections are collected only if the bank account is not a bite account.

vr i na doivot
Overdraft contract bv, unlike consumer consumer contract, concluded for an indefinite period. Requires a bag that meets one of the conditions. This is at least once per set period (necessary from the date of the first depletion of the heat) to get the world into positive cells, at least to zero. The contract is then automatically extended and the obligation of the castle to be exhausted later is postponed by another period (eg 6 msc, most often a year).

In this way, you can draw a relatively interesting loan without collateral, so without worrying that if you pay off the debt quickly, you will also have to pay a fee for an early installment. You just have to be available, you would actually have enough money in the necessary time for a very short time. The next day you can pick them up again and of course handcuffs.

In addition, do not pay a crown for arranging an overdraft, especially if there is one of the parcel accounts. The fee is distributed in msnm paula for keeping bnho here.

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