Pay attention to the concepts of childcare and care time. For the future retirement, they have a completely different meaning and it is good to know both concepts. According to the Czech Social Security Administration, however, the people are not fully familiar with these terms. tete pension rules, which should know each.

1.What does the term education dt

“The condition of raising a child is a criterion for determining the retirement age of women and is proved only by women,” explains Jana Buraov, a spokesman for the social security administration.

Pensions have been different since the middle of the last century, and since the meeting of 1965, pensions have been divided according to how many children have been raised. This difference between women and men is now gradually erased so that the ranks of 1975 and younger retire in the same way.

Women born before 1975, who were raised by children, are also suitable for determining the retirement age. Their retirement is influenced by the upbringing of a child of their own, adopted or included in their family, ”explains Jana Buraov. However, if these women did not raise the child not to look from his birth to adulthood, they must meet one of those conditions in order for their pension to be restricted.

Podmnka upbringing dtte them fulfilledif:

  • The woman personally cares or cared for the child until at least 10 years of age,
  • The woman took care of the children after reaching the 8th year and cares for it until it reaches adulthood for at least 5 years,
  • a woman took care of dt from his birth to the dead, if dt died after reaching 6 msc age,
  • ena takes care of the underage dt at least the last 3 years before reaching retirement age.

“The condition of the child’s upbringing can be recognized by one child for the determination of the retirement age,” he added.

It is good to know that the time of raising a child also includes times when a woman could not take care of the child personally due to her illness and when the child was placed for health reasons at the state.

2.What does the time pe o dt

“Time of childcare is the period during which a person cares for a child personally until the age of three. This period is included for the retirement claim as a replacement period. Regardless of whether she cares for her or him, ”Buraov explains.

However, it is true that this period cannot be neglected by more than one person at the same time. “In the event that there are uncertainties and discrepancies in whom and to what extent the time to work, the Czech Social Security Administration Explains the speech.

The period of up to 4 years of age ended after June 30, 2007 is proved to be the same, namely by a clear statement on the prescribed form and in case of fraudulent participation. “At the same time, it is necessary to prove the relationship with the child, usually the birth certificate of the child. In the case of a divorce, the parent must be submitted to the court’s decision on the custody of the child or the agreement of the parent approved by the court, ”adds Buraov.

If he cared for dt for up to 4 years in the period from 1 January 1996 to 30 June 2007, the different rules applied. “The reimbursement period of insurance is required if he has applied to him for a part of the pension insurance no later than two years after the end of the district administration of the social security district,” the speaker concludes.

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