The orphan’s pension is one of the two things that will help the remaining children to reduce the financial impact of the external situation. Many people have the mistaken belief that this survivor’s pension will be paid automatically to every child. And he went and gave me, ten of them we would point to the right.

1.The orphan of the pension always pays for the deceased family (adopter / carer)

The opposite is true. Even orphan’s pensions have their rules set by law, according to which they confess and pay. Last year, the conditions changed, but it is still true that the deceased parent must obtain a specified period of retirement insurance on the day of the dead. If the parent has died for 28 years, he must have worked (connected) for at least one year in the last ten years before the day of death. In the case of a deceased person aged 38 years, that is, two years in the last twenty years before the day of death. But beware, until this time, unpaid insurance periods are not included, which means that they must be the so-called paid insurance period, ie the period of employment for which the income is paid according to the pension insurance contribution.

If the deceased family has been paid an old-age and invalidity pension, or has died as a result of a job, a dependent orphan is always given an orphan’s pension.

2.If enough of the orphan’s pension was rejected before February 1, 2018 and according to the new rules the conditions are met, the SSZ will automatically start paying the pension.

No, it doesn’t. The Orphan Pension Act does not start the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ) automatically, but only on the basis of filing enough. The orphan and his legal representative must write a new orphan’s pension for the local district security district administration (OSSZ). In return, a pensioner will be assessed under the new terms and conditions if the orphan is still unsupported.

3.In case of loss of both parents (adoptive parent / carer), the claimant for the orphan’s pension is only after one of them

That is not the case. The two-sided donkey dt m year for orphan’s return in both countries. The percentage of the income after each of the parents of the orphan in full, the basic amount is only one, and the income with your percentage.

4.If the orphan’s pension is admitted once, until the end of the year, you do not have to prove anything

This is a very ast mistake. The SSZ is entitled to an orphan’s pension and his / her recipient must prove the lasting conditions for his / her payment. This always happens with the completion of the basic school attendance, according to which the follow-up study and preparation for the future permit is proven. Therefore, students of secondary and higher rounds submit an updated confirmation of rounds for the duration and continuation of their studies. Proof of study must be submitted even if the student resumes his / her studies after his / her previous Peruvian, and so whenever the SSZ invites him / her to do so.

5.Stopping the payment of the orphan’s pension is definitive and cannot be renewed

That’s not true. If the final conditions are met, they are proven, the payment can be renewed. In practice, it usually happens that the certificate of study is documented with a certain delay, for example and after several months. On the basis of that SSZ payment of the orphan’s pension renewal and pension for the period similar to the supplement.

6.Sirot dchod neme bt vyplcen pmo sirotkovi

This is not always the case. The orphan plays an important role. If the orphan is not a minor, the orphan’s pension is paid to his or her current representative, which is usually the parent, possibly the guardian, or the special recipient. After reaching the age of majority, the orphan’s pension is normally paid directly to the orphan. It is possible to pay the pension even after reaching the age of majority of the current beneficiary, the orphan and the current beneficiary have reached the age of consent.

7.You can’t have a drink when you take the orphan’s pension

On the contrary, it is mon. For example, students of the so-called full-time (full-time) study, who take the orphan’s pension, can earn a living not only during the holidays. Students of other forms of study (length, combined) can earn money in the case of an orphan’s pension, but it must be a self-employed activity that does not involve retirement insurance (the employee does not pay for social security). Otherwise, the payment of the orphan’s pension will not fail.

8.In the case of satku or born children, the orphan’s retirement

Not. If the orphan is studying, he is constantly preparing for a future permit) and has not reached the age of 26, he is no longer paid for the orphan’s pension even after the marriage. If the conditions are set full.

9.The orphan’s pension stops paying off with the last day of study

No, students don’t have to worry about that. After graduating from high school and you (usually in June), the children’s orphan’s retirement will go to the holidays in July and August. The condition is that throughout the calendar period he does not perform an unpaid activity, which would base his participation in the pension insurance, does not receive unemployment benefits or retraining support.

The orphan’s pension is also available during the holidays between the individual courses of study at a given round and also between individual studies, for example between secondary and tertiary, bachelor’s and master’s degrees of full-time study, if the study is immediately connected. The time between individual studies on the high round must not exceed three calendar months.

After graduating from university, you can go to the following calendar month after the month in which you graduate. Throughout this calendar month, however, I may not engage in any paid-up activity based on retirement benefits, receiving unemployment benefits or retraining benefits.

He gave practical information for students pin letk Sociln zabezpeen – information for students.

10.It is impossible to drink about her paid orphan’s pension

This is an ast mistake. Any change that affects the right to pay the orphan’s pension, you must notify the SSZ within eight days, in writing. Whoever does not do so and will receive the orphan unjustifiably, will have to shake him.

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