Ads at work are all over the country. Employees without employees also seek out people who do not have days of work experience or education. Offer them free salaries and benefits and are free of charge.

In Pohoelice, there is a sign for the offer of vacant places in the nearby printers. Tiska, strojmistr, manipulan dlnk. The board is installed, the job offers the company CPI Moravia Books, which belongs to the group of the largest producer of books in Europe, for a long time.

Someone bothered, but not much. And out of those who come, a newt. Not physically, but don’t want to be too tired. Most of them leave at the probationary period, or they won’t come to work at all, sums up Karel Palata, who recruited new employees in the printing house.

The same region, only fifty kilometers north. The drsovsk company Bonita Group Service produces a dtsk hit. They would need a metalworker, a handy helper for a long changer, a saw, a warehouse. Develop billboards, pay for advertisements and commercials. Pichz was a little adept and there are barely ten percent of those. It’s the same everywhere and it’s sad, Pavel Cig, the head of production there.

So you could wander your finger across the country. Companies often lack the key to people who can take jobs and understand their profession. Unemployed offers R 267 107 vacancies. If all the people were occupied without work, there would be 25 thousand positions left.

According to the latest available Eurostat data, the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. Pesto no one applauds. That means only one. Companies certainly cannot choose from a number of job seekers. Their quest for new employees even becomes much more difficult than the fight for the customer. The labor market does not offer free capacity. The departure of workers from the entrance of the company nespas. From this it is clear that the growth of the whole economy must hit its borders, my economist Ji Cihl from Next Finance.

Kite workers

However, it is not possible to get into the work process of tens of thousands of people who are long-term unemployed. At present, there is a marked trend where a number of candidates are losing motivation to work, for example due to low levels of education, lack of practice, execution, limited mobility even with a small child or a close person. This dramatically reduces their years to work, to Kateina Bernkov from work.

Pesto also fight for these company people. Anyone who wants to work with us will learn it for themselves. Let’s send you to the wheel. We have a great cooperation with the printing house in Brno, to Karel Palata from the pohoelick printing house.

Distribute the company’s benefits with a handful of even those who come as newcomers. For example, the Brno company Kajot, which operates casinos and casinos, offers an informal environment and diversity in the work of future assistants. It will have time for the ends. Work-life balance is not just a password in the advertisement, it is a matter of course for us, offer it on the job portal.

In the vacancies, they still more often look like the days of weekdays, corporate stamps, transport contributions, health and sports activities. We had to adjust to the wages of the customers of the surrounding companies, it is impossible not to react, adds Palata.

The printer also offers free language courses, contributions to pension insurance and subsidized boarding. It is necessary for you to really look forward to the employees who are worth it, adds Pavel Cig from Bonita Group Service, who offers newcomers a shortening of ties and a new modern area, in which the company was grown last year.

The transport companies in the offers for the company do not even have the right to request the group as a condition of the group. Those interested in working often even pay for the course. Let’s take it a long time, but I have to take five years to work. Otherwise, Michal Kliment from the Btesk transport company, who is looking for a truck and a bus, as well as a car mechanic, has to work hard for the course.

Encouraged to work, offer so stt. In April, another 250 people slapped the new contribution to work. A total of seven thousand employees used it for over five thousand. One hundred and thirty people, among them, for example, teachers, photographers, doctors, inspectors and lecturers, again, added 50 thousand crowns to work for growing.

There are also retraining courses, where people either complete their distance from a somewhat obsolete one, or prepare for a completely new position. Clients are familiar with courses on basic skills skills, courses for obtaining human and professional licenses, Czech courses and ethnic courses, to Kateina Bernkov from a series of jobs.

The interest is also about high managers

Still, the biggest interest is in the debtor profession. Workers make mistakes on construction sites, during assembly, at production machines, in kitchens, for long, in fields and behind the wheel.

In the job offer across the country, there are a number of positions where you want a degree from a university and where you pay from fifty thousand months in.

The University of Technology and Economics in Budjovice, Czech Republic, also offers vacancies. It advertises everything from a Kantian dog to a teacher of corporate college and to academic staff with associate professorships and professorships. Hls se nm i lid z adu prce. For those who are looking, they usually go through all available job portals, to Valrie Kaiser from the economics department.

According to economist Cihle, in the first half of the year, wages will continue to grow at a record high. Companies will be able to rely on to get a quality employee. The decline in the unemployment rate will last and into the summer. In the second half of the year, unemployment will start to rise again. At that time, the Czech economy will grow much more slowly, think Ji Cihl from Next Finance.

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