At the end of June, twenty thousand freshly used handicrafts will come out. In front of the wheel gates, the employer stands in line at the front. Will it be the same in the future?

It would be good for water at first. Last year, the number of pijatches for the first time increased to the 1st round of uebnch disciplines. emeslnk should therefore grow. This means that the next two years will be based on the fact that my graduate has not yet traveled yet. According to the estimate of the National State for Education, this year will leave to enjoy a thousand fewer young professionals not last year. This is the first time that the number of teachers has not exceeded twenty thousand.

There is a huge interest in all fields. It is also a fact that we send to companies, which are used by their employers. Choose them yourself, to Michal edivka from the Central Wheel of Automobiles in Holice in the Pardubice Region, who will fly into the world in June for a hundred new car mechanics, bodybuilders and car electricians.

Who postv ped uiliti

Enormous interest in teaching prevails in all regions. Before using the employer, the queues stand in front of the field before the twisted eye exams, often the bags are unlucky. It’s disassembled.

We teach us in tinct fields. All in practice are used in practice. Only construction companies would need several times more construction graduates. But we can also name companies from the field of automobiles, repairs of agricultural machinery, horticulture and bakery, to the director of the Secondary Vocational School in Uherský Brod Ji Polansk.

Last year, the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Tradesmen reported that 41 percent more people were employed in hell. The number of metalworking and electricians also increased. Urite had a small number compared to last year can be expected in teaching in agricultural, electrical and engineering fields, notes analyst Ji Vojtch from the National State for Education.

Nowadays, during the construction season, the works of masonry, chests and tinsmith are most often in demand. And that is traditional in Prague, Central Bohemia and elsewhere in Moravia. The demand is really high and the waiting time can be reached by several MSc, to Martin Ekrt from the server, where people demand handicraft work.

It took two years for the company to look around for new blood. Advertise on the board, take them to practice and promise mountains and mines to stay with them. Some companies think that they can drink on their bikes and the bikes will immediately offer them for their production. That is two times past. There is a great shortage of uebnch disciplines. Therefore, companies, if they want to, must work with the selected student at the studio. Not everyone is aware of this, go to the director of Uherskobrodskho uilit Polansk.

The huge demand for experts benefits especially those who receive lucrative offers in practice. It is well established that they can carry out professional training at company workplaces from the second year, even in the city of residence. So we work with Piblin with six companies, where they are around a hundred k. These or often earn a few thousand msn, Polansk connects.

Job advertising is full to bursting. Each graduate will find employment in all of our fields. This mainly concerns the technical field, where the offers of the labor market are the highest. Graduates of the gastronomic field, bakery, sugar, cooking and nursing services also have a very good application, such as Ladislav Hochman, director of Odborho uilit and practical bicycles in Brno, Lomen.

emeslnk only for a reward

At a time when every profession is at fault in the labor market, it is difficult to estimate how it has dealt with young people the most. sten maj pehled editel uili. It is not possible to occupy especially technical fields, masonry work, small and refractory work, even though these fields are the most required on the labor market, the Hochman overview.

It is similar in Uherský Brod. I’m interested in building trades. Even if it’s a mistake. Today, these people can earn her a large pension. Try to get you klempe, tesae, male. waiting time is two and three msce and will go h, observed editor Polansk.

So which profession is the most trendy according to the number of ad? The number of graduates in construction and gastronomy (kucha, nk) is falling sharply. Gradual increase by machine, electrical engineer, slight increase by farmer and censer. Among the most popular are, for example, the field of cadets, which ron for about fifteen hundred k, sugar and thousands of ron are used for sugar.

In time, the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises saw with the first alarm that the chests and alumni have the biggest declines ever. For a long time we meet a lack of allounk, table and vadlen. We see the problem in the obsolete teaching of professional subjects. Students do not have the opportunity to work with advanced technologies, they do not know how to control machines. We have therefore joined forces in Klobouky near Brno, where we will open the Nbytkstv branch from 2018. The practice and education of professional subjects will be provided by our company, to Alena Jindrkov from the Brumovice company Blan nbytek.

Demands for craftsmen will rise

Today, they are fighting over the company’s crafts. But how will it be in ten or twenty years? In the future, the situation will be more complicated, the inexperience of staff equipped with work will increase, and it will be necessary for graduates to be able to handle this device in a qualified manner. This requires readiness at the same level, it is not just about manual skills, but about mastering the skills of intellectuals, about the ability to learn to control complex systems, set them up and control, my analyst Ji Vojtch from the National State for Education.

According to him, the mechanization and automation of a number of work procedures take me to the people who will stop the machine without difficulty. Only in professions where human creativity and innovation play a major role, such as art and traditional crafts, or full automation would be difficult to replace, such as masons, carpenters, stoves and the like, will demand be positive, Vojtch said.

According to him, craftsmen and repairs will have to constantly improve in the use of the latest IT applications for digital change and analysis, which will make their work easier.

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