Domestic customers are slowly getting closer to online shopping on the go, and online retailers get their hands on it. This is because the consumer is taking full advantage of the Internet. It lasts 27 hours in ms. I spend the most time on consumer electronics and leisure activities.

Internet – my available information
Find information about the top of each purchase on the Internet. Irrespective of the product, 17% of the total European population and 46% of online shoppers search for information on the Internet. This is the claim of the Cetelem 2008 Barometer survey, which took place in 13 European countries outside the Czech Republic last year.

Most Europeans use the Internet as an important source of information before making a purchase. Most often, look for details about consumer electronics, cultural and leisure goods and travel.

We are just dare to shop online

In the competition of 13 European countries, the Czech Republic ranked eighth. According to consumers who have at least once bought over the Internet, in us and 24%. Consumers clearly lead in Germany (62%), the United Kingdom (57%) and Belgium (51%).

If we differentiate consumers by buying the Internet according to age, the Czech population is 35 years old (36%). Less than a quarter belonged to the age group between 35 and 65 years, the elderly bought 2% online (the European average for 13 countries is 6%).

At the same time, domestic consumers prefer ovens in their purchases only in a slightly certain way. Two prefer the online store with a link to the stone shop. A similar trend is especially evident in the way that buyers do not cross the Internet. They prefer to pay for the goods they have “in hand” – that is, for good. 80% of shoppers agreed on that. In my currency, I pay with credit cards (21%) and the least with consumer credit (9%).

Internet on vtznm taen

January’s NetMonitor statistics revealed quite interesting salt. Internet access in Rs is 4.64 million users, so it is not surprising that the information that online retailers are getting better at times. This is also evidenced by the growing turnover of Czech Internet companies (in the table under the abbreviation IF) in the last five years. In addition, people take far more than two times to browse the various web pages (the average Czech user spent 27 hours in January this year on 270 servers connected to NetMonitor; source: Mediaresearch, as).

“People used to buy practically anything on the internet – apartments, cars, white goods, music, movies, clothes, in fact, anything you can think of. This trend in the country has significantly strengthened in recent years, in the world boom of online business it takes to go by. For many people, this method of shopping is a convenient alternative to long hours spent in shopping centers, “said Martin Kasa, director of the online store

The reason for buying online is a bag far more. “Certainly it is a convenient purchase, no price of goods or more information, you can not trace it in a stone shop,” says Zdenk Polch, director of the online store

Customers have been more likely to buy the Internet and spend their holidays. This is also confirmed by Irena Hrdinov, executive of the travel agency “More customers buy this convenient way of buying a congress, without the need to create a queue at branches.”

They run electrical appliances and consumer electronics in online purchases

If we look at what these customers most often buy with the help of the Internet, they definitely lead electrical appliances with consumer electronics. 16% of respondents shared this goods online. This is followed by purchases of goods from the field of culture and leisure (14%), but also travel (13%).

For example, financial products (vrov, spoic, etc.) were shared online by only 3% of domestic internet customers. And how full is the consumer according to the survey on ptch 12 msc? Preferences remain the same – the first three occupy the same goods and services. 23% of all people revealed their full holiday through the Internet, they also intended to buy goods from the field of culture. This city was occupied by consumer electronics, which 21% of them plan to buy via the Internet.

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