The end is common, and for many of us this term means that in addition to slowly rising temperatures, it is time to file a income tax return. For those more often, this obligation is provided by their employer, and the rest must rely on the tax advisor, which is not the cheapest, or sell out with the same route of time and nerve in their own way.

When you can fill in the form, you have to work with it on the finance or on the sweat, where you expect a long or endless queue. The esk nrod is a bit familiar with the fact that he doesn’t leave at the last minute, so he can be expected that the sweats will be again 31. desperately full of desperate people of dark formulas in several-hour queues.

There are other ways to make the whole process easier, if not more pleasant. The base is to go out of the comfort of your home or at least with minimal effort.

If you cheat the tax classically, there is one way for the formula, lengthy completion, lettering in the formula and its unsightly instructions for filling in, and the kind of way on the financial or sweat. Nowadays, there is a fact that we have an electronic tax return.

But it is time to choose how you prefer. Various electronic formulas can be found on the Internet. Here we offer an overview of the most used, including their properties and parameters. This will allow you to choose the method that suits you best.

The most frequently mentioned electronic formulas include: Interactive form of the Ministry of Finance, EPO – form of the Ministry of Finance for electronic business, XLS and PDF formulas on the web, sluba and form 602XML, which is available on the financial server or . There are a few small, but also fundamental differences between them. It is taken to n beat.

The first thing that will probably be of interest is whether the mon dan “form” of handcuffs is free. For this year, this is the case for all the above methods, although you need to be careful, because if you choose other forms of business, you do not have to. For example, some XLS formulas charge a fee for the full version release.

A very nice function is the automatic control of the entered data. It has all the changes, but only the EPO applications and the 602XML formula are able to give this control directly through the server of the Ministry of Finance. You probably don’t even have to mention automatic counts, because every electronic form has them. If not, then we could immediately fill in the pepper.

The most important advantage is the possibility to electronically fill in the form. However nice and easy to fill out a form loses its charm when printed on a printer, because you have to work on it or on it, despite the fact that it costs money for forms in this way.

The true charm of an electronic tax return is that, when completed, the submit button is pressed, thus worrying about the end. Of course, just in case you don’t have to pay arrears. Only two formulas have this function on the entire Internet, namely EPO and 602XML.

For the electronic tax return of the EPO, it is necessary to purchase a qualified electronic signature or complicated insertion of the generated XML file via portals of data boxes and data first. In the case of 602XML, the data box is automatically automated with one click and no login data, which is the most convenient way and is completely free.

Formula 602 for income tax returns and OSV, as it is connected with the formula Overview of income and expenses of OSV for SSZ and health insurance companies. The data is automatically retrieved from the tax return, so you have to work with the other two formulas. All formulas are then electronically delivered to the Czech social security office and to your health insurance company. You can sit at home in a chair and without any queues and stress. And click on the “Submit” button and March 31 at 11:58 p.m.

A useful tool when filling out a formula is the help of a guide. Context help has all changes to the form of the form. Mostly it is a text, which in the case of classic paper forms is indicated by a dense small dog on a pile. Each time you click in a box, some text will appear next to it.

The guide, ie a kind of questionnaire, after its completion, the information will be converted into a classic formula, it has only, to whom you have to send all your sensitive data via the Internet.

Most free formulas specialize in individuals not bagging them in the first place. An exception is made by the EPO and 602XML forms, which can pass the tax to the first persons through their means.

An essential feature of the electronic formula is the protection of personal data. There is no danger of XLS formulas dn. So at least not if you don’t lose your suit with a good song on the way to sweat. The EPO form sends your data directly to the financial office and no one but the central institution can access the data. The same is true for 602XML, where the data is sent in the same way or via a data box.

And if you choose any of these ways of filing a tax return, keep in mind that the best option is electronic filing, from filling in to sending. ette svj as i papr. In addition, if you fill in the tax letter 602XML and fly it over the data box, it will support the planting of new trees in R.

Accurate form with a paper template Automatic control of entered data Automatic input of user data Electronic data directly from the form Operation with the form Overview of income and data OSV (SSZ and ZP) Fill-in guide ready) Form i for first persons Personal data not provided 3. page 1 podn = 1 K to support the planting tree.

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