The father invited to the zoo will not get rich. They get quite swollen all day and often stay in the work, even if it fell at two o’clock. None of them have a bag. For most of them, it’s the dream.

In monkeys, he looks at the bigger eye today. Some get extra hard-boiled eggs. Lemmas can be most popular. For those, Monika Novkov, who works at the Pilsen Zoo as a primate teacher, has prepared an additional sweet date. She cut them into her pocket and leads us to their vbhu. You can take pictures with some invitations, k.

Lemurs are the best among primates in the Pilsen zoo. Oetovatel can safely crawl directly to them in vbhu. It doesn’t weigh you down on impanz.

Between primates with beautiful striped tails, a new late. Look for us and look for where we have something hidden for our teeth. We can also caress one carefully, with a soft and very thick coat. Monika explains that lemurs have two teeth on their lower teeth so that they can clean their fur regularly.

Our bag immediately warns you that the lemur is you, so we can be careful. Even the Madagascar half-apes do not go far for the bite. Invitations very often ignore safety warnings and lemurs who run free between them, reach or give them two biscuits. This is a problem mainly with children. I’ve been working here for a long time and see how the kids are. Today, they often have no relationship with the public, they are brazen and ignore the bottom of the day. When the lemur bites them, they give birth and go above them. In summer, therefore, often in the afternoon I just walk and help the visitors. often it doesn’t help at all, the father-in-law sighs.

All day on foot

Monika Novkov has been working with monkeys at the Plzesk Zoo for ten years. It completely takes care of their comfort: it prepares feeds, cleans them and monitors their health.

We wash and cultivate ourselves, choose veterinarians, when the disease is sick and then he gets old. People often think that the hunter persists in cuddling with the invites. The vast majority of the invitations to the zoo are not contact and nothing like this is happening here. In addition, we dream of simulating the sales conditions as much as possible, explains the sympathetic nurse and the impansion – the greatest pride of the Pilsen Zoo.

First of all, at their vbhu they will take any ideas about the deprived edges with opiate threshing for St. Let’s not go to impansion at all, that would be very dangerous. They are cholerite and have a short time in the sun, but also in the evening our manipulation with them takes place through me, to the teacher.

As soon as the monkey has something to do, a veterinarian must be called, who is a narcotic weapon, or a blower, and only then can I approach the monkey and wear it. At the back, we carry a bag of Maruka, the most contact female female from the Plzesk group. He is thus the only one who even gets thorn.

The training takes place on a very similar principle as in the case of dogs, for the correctly performed exercise there is an additional reward in the form of mesh. Maruka shows that on command I can adjust my ear, eye or leg. These exercises are important, because the teacher can easily check the health condition or invites the teacher.

The biggest goal would be if she gave me an injection in time, or she wouldn’t have to fall asleep like the other impansions. If we can do that, don’t know, Monika shoulders.

Dina, or dream work?

Her work, as k, is not easy at all and is physically quite nron. In winter, often walk from the pavilion, where it is about twenty degrees, to the outdoor frost, which the body does not carry fully. Plus, you’re on your feet all day and basically don’t stop. For me, it is a dream job. Nowhere should I take care of the invites, work with them and get so close to them, first.

Pret’s invite you to the zoo me bt for a number of people’s dreams. How to get to him? Monika studied environmental protection, but according to us, people interested in working at the zoo can drink from any field. The relationship to the invitations and especially the stimuli to work is much more important. The end of working hours does not mean that you place over and go home.

The father does have working hours, but as soon as something happens, we rush to work, and there is as much as he wants. We’re here with the monkeys. When the sick or your family are invited, we will stay with them and then pay working hours, but we will stay here from morning to night, to Monika.

A good writer is known by the fact that at first such a time he does not want to be absent. When one of our females of the genus, we all wish to be there. And if you manage to breed, it’s a huge hurry for us and a feeling of satisfaction that we have a long way to go, Monika describes. At the same time, it is clear that you do not lie between the mother and a billion and do not practice artificial breeding even if the mother does not care for a billion models. Leave it open for sale, so that the invitee still retains its naturalness and does not degenerate in the gardens.

I locked m here?

On the way to the gibbon, we see whether the work of the nron is not only physically but also mentally. You do not have to allow yourself here if you can go to the east, do not stand above you from morning to evening f. On the other hand, you are responsible for taking care of the guests and ensuring that they are secured. If an impanze escapes you and hurts an attacker, it will of course be my fault. That’s why I often suddenly have a thought at home, if I really locked all the shots and did what I could. Even after years, I prefer to check everything twice, he describes.

According to Monika, the work of the hunter can sometimes be full of emotion. The story of the female Impansion, who lived in Pilsen for a very long time, was very contactable and trainable and died at the age of forty. It’s just a tear in your room, that’s for sure.

Impansions are given by forty and forty, but there are also more than twenty other monkeys. Most of our monkeys have been here with me for all these eight years since I joined. And I hope we’ll be here until I retire, Monika laughs.

They don’t leave the zoo. Most garden workers spend a great deal of their professional life. If somewhere the city of the furnace is just loose, anyone can sign me up. Plzesk Zoo accepts part-time jobs, from which employees can later become full-time employees.

Monika recommends this journey to anyone interested in the work of the oath. Try what it’s like and what it’s like, and then decide if you really want to be a writer. For example, one brigdnk works for several seasons, finishing his bike. We raised him and after completing the rounds to nm he will be able to start. In our country, it is possible that as soon as someone starts and drinks for the first year, then they stay downstairs, they smile.

You don’t have to pay for the pension. We don’t have company cars or phones and we really won’t get rich here. But for me it’s a dream and I hope I stay here. And what would I pla? If you could go in five years, you could build a new exhibition and bring orangutans here. That would probably be the biggest challenge for me, the primate.

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