Going to old age is a turning point for everyone. In addition to the scales, whether to go to work or hear only from the pension, it is necessary to prepare, file enough and wait for the verdict. He must drink within 90 days. ekn bag me to be very long. This is confirmed by the fall of iDNES.cz thin.

Mr. Jarmila from Prague had to rely only on himself and his own income throughout his working life. In recent years, she also had health complications, but her employee did not give up and overcame her health problems. When she was approaching her to retire, she had an informative retirement letter sent in good time and prepared it as needed so that the old retirement went smoothly.

I filed a lot on August 28, 2019, ie in the immediate advance, and I reckoned with the fact that from January 1, 2020 I will receive a pension, k. 4. z 2019. In the end of 90 days it should be called. After all, this deadline is also listed on the SSZ website. Jenome as bel and nothing happened.

ekn a urgence

When she called the call center in December to urge enough to find out what was going on, a stern voice called her instead of apologizing and explaining the nleit: get enough of yourself gradually. But solid. wait!

I’m quite pissed off, there is a 90-day deadline for the application, I handed in the day and in advance. I don’t understand, the ednice treated me like that, remarked thin.

Nothing happened even in January, when Mr. Jarmila was supposed to be at the old-age pension. There was neither a written decision to grant a pension nor a pension. In January, her employer gave her a bag to prove she was retired.

What about the darkness? Mr. Jarmila has embarked on dal urgency. She searched the Internet for a telephone call to the social security office and tried to call. After repeated attempts, she succeeded and the horses received at least some information and one thing. As she found out, his pension was canceled in December 2019. The decision was not made for the bag? It’s probably stuck somewhere. The case had been detached for a long time, she learned.

SSZ: Objektivn dvody

When will the fall be vyeen? And was the deadline not met? Our editors received answers to iDNES.cz questions immediately. Unfortunately, we do not comment on the specific case, the answer to the e-mails and the following message: The priority round of the SSZ is the final deadline, in exceptional cases the bag can be reached for objective reasons for the final deadline.

But what kind of case is involved? The pension from January 2020 will be carried out at the earliest from the second half of November 2019, explains Ivana kov, director of the Office of the Central Director of the SSZ.
And what are the objective reasons? Firstly, the fact that enough is evident at a time when the parameters for the calculation of income have not been approved from January 1, 2020. And as needed for programming and testing new parameters, notes Ivana kov.

In other words. If you want to give your pension from the beginning of January, you have to repent. People need to get new data, which the pin owns (No. 260/2019 Coll. Of 30 of 2019). The new granted pension is simplified, depending on the set average wage. For 2020, this average wage was 34,835 crowns, while in 2019 it was 32,699 crowns. And another objective reason is that the SSZ has to program and test a new official calculator, which can calculate the pension automatically. And, as you can see, it is not from day to day.

He decided to decide and replace the old-age pension, so in the case of Mr. Jarmila was really long. It took exactly 140 calendar days from the company until the receipt of the exchange letter. I received the post on January 14, 2020. I took a lot of rest, she immediately informed the iDNES.cz editorial staff.

And the right to some compensation for the fact that the pension stops with the bottom? Nothing like that. According to the first regulations governing pensions, the emergence of self-claims for the payment of all the following benefits even before the issuance of the decision, these supplements are not subject to annual, concludes Ivana kov.

How to give a day old age pension

  • Two conditions for the creation of a claim
    You can file one day of retirement three months in advance, at the earliest on the date of reaching retirement age. Vk is not the only condition for a retirement pension. The so-called insurance period is also important, you currently have 35 years to work.
  • Check the insurance period
    Submit an SSZ about sending an informative personal letter, you can give about it once a year for free. This can be done online either on the eportal.cssz.cz website, or sent in writing to the following address: esk sprva socilnho zabezpeen, Kov 25, 225 08 Praha 5.
  • Map any cities
    If you find discrepancies in the information pension sheet, you will find documents that confirm that you worked at the time (payroll, payroll, attendance book, employment contract, proof of termination of employment). If there are any jobs in your work register, contact the former employer to prepare a record sheet of pension insurance. When you do not communicate or do not exist, it is possible to apply for the help of an OSSZ employee.
  • Choose a retirement date
    When it comes to retirement, it’s not just about your income, but the insurance period also plays a big role. It happens that when you work first, close another year of insurance. This will increase the percentage and the reported income will improve. If the bag is left to work several months for the next year, it is better to apply for a pension on the date when you reach retirement age.
  • Order a lot enough
    enough about the pension will be attended by the OSSZ according to the city of permanent residence. You don’t have to order in advance, but it’s better. Thanks to online ordering on the SSZ website, it is possible to arrange a specific deadline and simply through instructions on how to have the documents. If you want your pension to go to the network, download the necessary form from the website and confirm it at the bank.
  • Pipravte si vechny doklady
    In addition to a valid proof of identity, write to the OSSZ to write a lot of documents (for example, the period of study, the period of military service, the time of child). Testimonials, indexes, military books, birth certificates of children will also be useful. The list of required documents can be found on the SSZ website.
  • Wait for the verdict
    The deadline for the issue is quite 90 days, as stated on the SSZ website, usually two bags are quite valid. The length depends on whether all documents are in the records of the SSZ. The written decision to send the SSZ contains information about the date on which the pension will be paid.
  • Inform the insurance company
    If you are retiring, you need to notify your health insurance company. For pensioners who are not included in the pension, the salary is health insurance.
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