If you do not pay the tax held for the year 2010, you have the opportunity to dream about it. For example, if you pay a fee from the calculated tax, you will receive a salary of 24,840 crowns, for each of you raised another 11,604 crowns. Both students and the disabled can apply for tax rebates.

When you deduct 15 percent tax from the tax base, it is not the pension you pay. This is when the so-called tax rebate begins, which results in a significant wall.

Discount on fee

Anyone who pays the tax is entitled to a discount on the fee. It doesn’t matter if the fraudulent person admits it, the employer will also be responsible for it. Ron discounts the same as last year 24 840 crowns. The tax is paid even if, for example, the land tax during the year and the company only a few months.

All taxpayers with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, including pensioners who live, have a claim on this discount.

Daov zvhodnn na dt

For kad dt si mete z dan odest 11 604 korun ron. Is it about 924 crowns no longer loni. Je-li dt zdravotn postien, odette dvojnsobek, ili 23 208 korun. Mus jt o takzvan vyivovan dt, kter s vmi ije ve spolen domcnosti.

Even if the child is temporarily away from home, you are studying in another city, you will not lose the discount. A child who is a minor (ie up to 18 years of age) is considered to be a dependent. The limit can be pushed up to 26 years, if he is constantly preparing for a future holiday or when he is unable to study or work due to a deteriorating health condition.

Only one of the parents will give me a discount. It is only valid for the calendar month when you raise the child in the common household, including the month when the child was born. For example, when the child was born on November 30, you can leave for two months, ie 1,934 crowns.

Taxes that are privileged on children can also be used by grandparents, if they do not have births.

Discount on manelka and manela

The same income as for themselves (ie 24,840 crowns) can be deducted from the tax paid by those who also live in the household with a spouse who does not own income or has a very small income. The condition for entitlement to this discount is that the type of husband did not earn more than 68,000 crowns per calendar year.

The following may be required:

  • gross wages from employment, business and agreements on the performance of work and employment)
  • money maternity aid (maternity), sickness insurance funds (sickness)
  • Unemployment supportPayment (payment of wages) for used holiday pensions (old age, invalidity, widow’s and widower’s)
  • vivn wives after divorce (not a bag of vivn for dt)
  • income from the sale of real estate, which does not belong to the common name of manel
  • ddictv, zskan dary

The following are not required:

  • rodiovsk pspvek
  • other social assistance grants, including maternity and child allowances, social security contributions, housing allowances and the like, aid allowances in material need, contributions to the nation, social services
  • sttn contributions to pension connections and building savings
  • scholarship provided to students constantly preparing for future permission
  • income resulting from the care of a close or other person who is entitled to a contribution to the court.

The condition is in the common household. You can apply the discount even if you are not a manel all year round. Then, of course, only a relative amount for the whole month, when the marriage lasted (for each MSc it is 2,070 crowns). The decisive factor is your condition at the end of the month, also if you got married on June 10, you can get a discount from July.

If the manel for whom you are applying the discount is the holder of the ZTP / P order, you are entitled to a double discount, ie 49,680 crowns.

Discount for students

In addition to the discount on the fee, each student will pay CZK 4,020. A student in a combined type of study (up to 28 years of age, if it is a full-time form of study in a doctoral program) is also entitled to a discount until the age of 26. The person who studies the middle round in long, distance, combined or veern form is not entitled to a discount. You can get the discount only for the calendar months in which you met the conditions. For each MSc 335 crowns.


In the amount of 2,520 crowns, the people who receive the invalidity pension for the first and second degree of disability will receive their tax. For this degree (two fully disabled pensions) the discount is double, ie 5040 crowns.

The holder of the ZTP / P card can deduct 16140 crowns from the calculated tax.

You can get discounts only for a calendar month, in which you meet the year for the patin type of pension.

Daov bonus

So, if it comes to you after deducting discounts, it means that you will not pay anything, but on the other hand, you will not even lose money.

An exception is the situation when you get to the minus due to the tax advantage for children. The difference in this case is the so-called tax bonus. And that’s the stka you want in the well. You can get a hundred crowns at a minimum, 52,200 crowns at a maximum.

Only those who earned more than 48 thousand crowns in 2010 will get the Daov bonus. Only income from employment, business, rent or capital assets is hidden. So for a bonus, don’t have a job for a long time.

For example, a single mother with one child won up to 30 thousand crowns. After deducting the discount for himself, it cost 5,160 crowns, when he gave the discount to his son, it will cost minus 6,444 crowns. You get paid by sttu as a bonus.

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