With the end of the night, the mole is on the floor for a long time for the deadline of 2009. Tm, who has not given the financial hell all the shine, nabz iDNES.cz nkolik interactive formulas.

Compared to the previous year, there are changes in the formula for personal income tax. The basic principle, ie the apparent super-gross wage equal to fifteen percent tax, remained the same and even the deductible items did not change.

Fill in the formula with the required data on income, insurance and rebates and other consumption. In addition, a simple hint is displayed for each polka.

The series also accepts printed forms

The tax return can be printed from the formula and transferred to the financial and black version on individual A4 sheets. “This is not a problem, as it is always a priority about the data contained in the tax return in the event of final completion,” said iDNES.cz Zuzana Chocholov from the press department of the Ministry of Finance.

Just make sure that the form used must give the content and content completely with the original form.

Interactive wizard in the style of free question-answer

For those who would like to give a tax in the form of Excel spreadsheets, there is one alternative available this year. In a special application, answer simple questions such as “Pay a mortgage?”, Fill in your income information and a complete return, for which the consulting company will be sent to you free of charge by e-mail.

If you do not want to enter your name, home or native name in the application, you do not need to process data according to the data protection policy. Fill in the tax form anonymously, and only the form with the completed fields will be sent to your e-mail inbox. Finish the run after the rest.

Formule i pro OSV

In some passages, the appearance of the formula for the calculation of the withdrawal of self-employed persons has undergone significant changes. Compared to the previous year, the individual amounts needed for the first calculation also changed.

The system of the Excel file for OSV is also an overview of income and expenses and the sum of deposits for insurance for health insurance companies.

What is useful for me when the tax return for 2009 is completed

If you need a detailed explanation, rather than how the hints in the files contain, you can refer to the official instructions. We can download them in PDF format here:
– instructions for filling in the tax return
– instructions for OSV formulas
– instructions for the health insurance company form (version for VZP)
– daov formula pro da z pjm and formtu PDF

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