The first Czech-Russian bank, the tomb of IPB, will open peppermint in November. It wants to finance the main business, it will also offer investments in Russian events and the fund.

“When you get on a plane in Russia, fly for 12 hours and Russia under you.”

Words of the majority owner The first Czech-Russian bank, Roman Popov, who spoke in Prague in faith, is a bit of a symbol of the fact that a large country is full of me. And now Popov will be flying over Ukraine and Slovakia to Prague.

The first Czech-Russian bank, which was founded 12 years ago later by the bankrupt IPB, wants to open its Czech banks to Czech companies and individuals in November this year.

This is the first Russian bank to obtain a new license in the country of the European Union since the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Here, the Czech National Bank issued it for the arrest of May.

According to Popov, the bank wants to focus mainly on Czech and Russian trading companies, which will offer the bank, hedge risks, transfers and exchange of crowns and rubles. It also wants to offer investments in Russian events and funds. “We do not think that we will achieve some kind of built on the Czech market, nor will we build here with branches,” said Popov. The first Czech-Russian bank established a Czech company for its Czech subsidiary, the Bank for International Cooperation. According to Popov, he is not sure whether you will keep your traditional name in the country in the end.

In the Russian market, where more than 1,100 financial entities are licensed, the bank ranks in the lower hundred, depending on the volume of assets. According to Popov, its clients are mainly medium-sized private companies, but also Czech Airlines, the Czech Embassy and “several Czech citizens”.

The bank has an interesting history. It was founded together with IPB in 1996 by the Russian bank Vozrodnije, which withdrew from the situation during the Russian financial crisis and IPB controlled the entire joint venture.

In 2000, IPB went bankrupt, and because its property was acquired by SOB, the Czech-Russian bank also fell into its hands. SOB did not want her and sent her to the state agency of the agency. In 2002, it sold 75 percent of the bank to the Russian company Strojtransgaz, which was founded by people connected with the local gas colony Gazprom.

Roman Popov, a mathematician and financier who first graduated, became a key figure in the management of Strojtransgaz. He later got his wall from KA, but also from Strojtransgaz, which decided to leave the bank last year. Popov with 74.45 percent and Strojtransgaz president Viktor Lorenc with 25.25 percent appeared as the bank’s shareholders.

And Strojtransgaz is now fully in the hands of Gazprom.
“I don’t understand why we should be connected to Gazprom in any way,” he said.

Roman Popov (36)

He studied mathematics and finance in Moscow. In 1994 he joined Strojtransgaz, where he joined the company. The owner of the bank, Viktor Lorenc, is the president of Strojtransgaz, which today patrol Gazprom. The bank has assets of 13.8 billion CZK in Russia and its own capital of three billion crowns.

Even the bank’s entry back into the Czech Republic was not easy. The financials of the central bank applied for a license five times, for the first time in 2004.

However, due to unclear ownership relations, they did not get it before. In May this year, the central bank at the Russian bank was in a special press for the first time criticizing their words spoken in Moscow. There they claimed that the license in Czech was obtained thanks to political support. Vice-Governor Miroslav Singer refused, and quite a bit. The first Czech-Russian bank told the hope that it would respect “both the independence of the regulator in political pressures in general and the fact that they move in the environment of the first state”.

“Thank you NB for the yard she gave me. We will follow the rules and we will be in the safe where we want to do business, correct, ”said Vera Popov.

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