On the submission of the tax return to the financial series, the last month remains. Don’t let it pay off at the last minute, not only because you avoid queues at the very end of the ordinary. I can pay a pension if you pay the pension.

Finann ad m toti on the return of the payment thirty days from the day when enough is given.

enough about the refund of the overpayment is confirmed by filling in the box on the side of the three main double sheets for personal income tax and to sign the tax return. If you do not fill in the box, do not apply for an overpayment and you will expect to receive a pension automatically, until you are unpleasantly surprised and get nothing. The system of the frame on the fourth pages is, in addition to the data to identify the payment (slot) so enough date.

The date should be enough to be the date of the tax return (in the case of a personal date, the stamp is filed at the filing date, when the date is stamped on the delivery date). This date is important for the financial year, because the first one from this day is the one-day deadline for the return of the overpayment. Finann ad peplatek in this lht actual well provided that there is no doubt about its correctness. If so, I can start taxing the fee, which moves this deadline.

Ron throws up pjm. Only for some, but with the responsibility of the employer

Even those who do not have the final obligation to pay the tax can prove the payment. They pay the employer’s wage obligations in the form of a new amount. One more year had to be submitted by the 15th. It is an accident for everyone, but its advantage is the transfer of responsibility for the correctness of the tax return to the employer, who takes the refund into account in the amounts paid from wages.

The employer must make the reimbursement of annual deposits no later than March 31, 2009 (no later than regular payments). The refund of the payment will be reduced by the amount of money paid from the payment. Simplified simply by paying enough enough such an employee from regular payments of more pensions, he was not used to.

Companies are used to peplatky. Oban u mn

Value added tax (VAT) is, from the point of view, refunded income from the financial line towards the usual payment rather than income tax. Simplified Eeno – Whatever you buy from a retailer or manufacturer, value added tax is charged. If you buy a watch or deodorant, you can be sure that the price you paid includes VAT.

The seller is obliged to issue a tax document, on which we can easily find out the VAT and the so-called tax base. This will end for you as a small consumer, but the seller as a VAT payer must record this tax document and pay VAT from it to the financial system. The full VAT record for pltc is based on the input and input VAT balance.

Finann ad m ticet dn na vrcen peplatk na danch

In the case of VAT, there is no special procedure, as is the case, for example, with personal income taxes. VAT payers file a VAT return in the standard way, where they have sent their inputs and inputs. The difference between them sent an over-deduction into the box and waited. Finann ad m ticet dn (pay here the same period as for natural persons and overpayment of their income tax) to return the overpayment. VAT is due no later than the 25th day of the month following the tax period.

The refund of the overpayment can be checked by the financial authorities, who of course have doubts about the justification of the excessive repayment. That’s wrong with the tax administrator’s assessment and it’s fully in his competence.

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