The increase in the retirement will increase. The new pension, ie the supplementary pension savings, has 1,327,307 people, which is 45,901 more than at the end of 2020. In the new funds, they are also valuing deposits in the amount of over 84 billion crowns. Despite the covid situation, the value of the paid pension is quite solid.

The new pension savings accounted for about 5% of profits for executives. Dynamic funds yielded an average of 7.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021 and an average of 2.5 percent. The conservative bag lost 1.2 percent. This follows from the information of the Association of Pension Companies R.


In the middle of last year, the pension savings bank began to cope with the losses caused by pandas, and this year began the supplementary pension savings fund with a strong five percent growth. In the event that the growth rate is maintained, it is likely that the dynamic funds will increase this year and twenty percent, according to the current situation of the Czech Pension Association, President of the Association of Pension Companies R Ale Poklop.

New client funds, unlike transformed funds, which cannot be entered into, do not guarantee that the loss will not be borne by the client’s disputes. On the other hand, they can also ensure that you appreciate and thus overcome long-term inflation.

In the case of employee funds, the client can choose from relatively conservative and to a very dynamic one, but without a guarantee of a minimum of zero return, notes Radim Kotrou, portfolio manager of SOB Asset Management.

This year, dynamic equity funds were mainly due to the optimism that relative swine vaccinations brought to stock markets, promising an early end to the pandemic. Hand in hand with this, many economies and companies open up very quickly, which increases their current incomes and profits, notes Partners analyst Martin Mat.

According to him, obligatory conservative funds (PKF) are a bit different. The decline in bond prices, or rather their growth in yields caused a decline in the value of conservative funds, notes an analyst.

How are they doing transformed funds

In the transformed pension funds, which it is not possible to enter, it still saves 3,092,914 participants, and the volume of pension disputes reached more than 453 billion crowns. In the old and new funds, the total retirement is over 4.4 million Czechs and the volume of deposits exceeds 537 billion crowns.

The transformed funds are still among the largest assets in terms of volume, however, new equity funds are catching up over time and in the near future they will be a successor in terms of size, comments Radim Kotrou.

According to Kotroue, the transformed fund is suitable for existing clients who are close to retirement, or for conservative investors with an aversion to the volatility of the value of their investment in the fund.

Assessed by the pensioner, who retires in the transformed funds, is not currently high. According to the previous results of individual pension companies, it ranges between 0.35% and 1.3%.

Valued deposit in transformed funds
Conseq PS (dve AEGON)0,40,470,160,581,50,43
Alliance PS1,381,030,410,680,940,66
AXA PSt1,11,0250,760,921,260,88
UNDER PS1,20,70,630,761,00,67
PS esk pojiovny v. Generali PS1,400,940,841,11,751,3
NN PS (two ING)0,880,660,690,610,950,71
esk spoitelna PS0,850,680,510,511,690,97
KB PS1,160,660,490,510,60,35
Source: Association of Pension Societies R, * pedbn
results (confirmed evaluation will be published after general meetings
individual pension companies)

According to experts, it is not possible to expect a better evaluation in the coming years. In the case of transformed funds, in the coming years the return will reach between 0.5% and 1%, which is the bottom of a very conservative investment portfolio, notes Kotrou.

Who would prefer the amount when retiring, from the old transformed funds can very easily go to a new pension. The new spoen accessories can also be used between individual pension companies.

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