Both startups and business people do business. The first mainly in the field of software and online services. They are solid in classic services. The Czech business environment is quite different. This was found in the Startup Report, prepared by the Keiretsu Forum in collaboration with Perfect Crowd.

Startup in the Czech Republic quickly pibv. This is becoming an important part of the innovative economy. These are often young companies with young people who, as they themselves, offer a unique one that, in a regular case, gives me people a life. 44 percent of startups are founded by people aged 18 and 29, and most of these companies are young.

Although there are many well-known companies in the meantime, there is a quarter of all things I can imagine under the concept of startup. She focused on her finances, strategies and problems. One of the interesting findings is the first view of a startupist on a business owner. This is despite the fact that both groups operate in the same business environment.

It’s just like out here, young man

The startupist has an overall optimistic view of the Czech business climate. Try to look for light pages. Emphasize what works. esk business environment considers young people from startup innovative and inspiring. Employees, on the other hand, are corrupt and poor in financial resources.

The business environment in our country is comparable to the surrounding developed European ones, as well as a startupist. And market participants have the same conditions here, add. According to them, the difference between playing is only in the willingness to take risks, which is unjustified in our country. The greater media coverage of many business examples would help me to be willing to take business risks.

The startupist is significantly out of line with at least his optimistic approach, despite, or perhaps because, because the startup business is generally considered to be the most risky, say self-study and continue: Cities think that startups are more positive than Euro-Americans. et.

However, even a startupist is not positive in all respects. Call them support from the state as insufficient, which they say should improve. This view is illustrated, for example, by the relatively strong interest of startups in various forms of state subsidies – only a third of the startups involved have ever turned enough for financial support for the state. On the other hand, if the startup decides to apply for support, I have a lot of success. Ztch, who filed enough, was more than half of the last spn.

Corruption and the rise of business adversity

In one sense, startups and business people alike: suffer from bureaucracy. As much as 89% of startups and 85% of sole proprietors pay for the rest of the paper industry. According to both groups, the Dalmatian negative phenomenon is corruption, which was changed by 82% of business associates and second-graders. 60% of entrepreneurs and 66% of startups consider the Czech business environment to be chaotic. He was even described by 55% of entrepreneurs and 43% of startups.

business people then continue to criticize according to. According to the study, the unclear legislative environment, uncertainty and the risk of sanctions by the state make them more difficult. That’s why in the question of what works great, they often ironically changed that only the controls of financial ad. According to them, the tax and administrative costs should change, which, according to them, is immeasurable.

The study highlights go to one problem. And the fact that in Czech environments there is still a relatively strong legal password to not be disconnected. That is, the public still looked at the entrepreneur as someone who had committed a certain unfairness to him. Nespch is in a certain environment in a certain way. It is treated as a fact that is better to hide, and not as a specific and important experience in the form of learning from non-haste.

Did the researchers survive after what the entrepreneur in our country considered better than abroad? The answers agreed: the gold of the Czech Republic, the traditions of some disciplines, the creative people.

Startupists are not in a different position

How to explain the difference in the evaluation of the Czech business environment between the two groups? According to experts from investors who are interested in new business ideas, startupist monsters are idealistic under the influence of a strong foundation. They are fully absorbed in their project that the problems are not.

Over 80% of startups think they are creating a whole new thing. Ron is judging about 800 full businesses and our experience is different. Most of the project only replicates what works elsewhere, and these truly innovative ideas have the potential to grow quickly and cut a market place. Even from the reactions of other investors and some of them, it turns out that many startupists make mistakes and do not know how to communicate with investors, do not provide you with documents. Close your dark door. It is necessary to develop self-confidence and humility, you have to set up at least the basic processes of functioning, the division of competencies in the company, to Petr Lemoch from Keiretsu Forum.

According to Gabriela Hoppe, CEO of Grant Thornton Tax, who works with young entrepreneurs, the Czech startup is characterized by hecticness, lack of time and, in particular, a shortage of employees. While the personal emergency today affects essentially all fields, such as economics, lack of time, and thus the tendency to neglect certain administrative procedures, it is typical for startups. Tax and ethnic administration is often the case, which is not the case and postponed to a later date, add.

According to Monika ervinkov from the company PerfectCrowd, who collaborated on the study, the non-business environment in the Czech Republic is leaning towards small entrepreneurs due to fees and bureaucracy. Self-employed people are not supportive of the state and, on the contrary, they are disadvantaged. However, the startupupists are in a completely different position, Monika ervinkov suggests different opinions.

According to them, the startupistm gets a lot of service, there is a program for ours, and it is about mentoring, accelerator options, endowed program, competition, where to get a chapter. While a self-employed person is bureaucratic, he depends on how many days he has a day and feels the immediate impact on his business.

The startup player is a bit of a startup hype. However, it is not ernobl. We can talk about how the help of startups is or is not conceptual and effective, on the contrary, how much my employees are open to the world, technology and share a more pessimistic view, adds Martin ervinkov.

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