Mandatory ruen is an astmm in the debates of the motoring public. Is it possible to pay for the code caused by the stove being pumped out of the obligatory ruen? When will the operator answer the park for the code?

I parked my car in a public parking lot. After returning to the car, I found out that my autordio and spare tire with a disc had been stolen. Will the code be paid for me from the insurance liability or from the accident insurance?
the code will not be covered by the liability. From the accident insurance then only if it is agreed in the insurance contract and the code is not agreed co-participation.

Insurance liability for codes is agreed in the event of the first regulation stipulating liability of the bond for a code caused or incurred by another person in connection with the activity or relationship of the bond specified in the insurance contract, for cases where the liability for the code as a result of if his strict liability arises from the law regardless of fault. The castle is a code for health, life or damage, destruction or moving things.

The operator looking for parking is the operator’s responsibility for the code on the local items. The answer according to 435 of the Civil Code for the code, which was incurred by the client on the local means of transport, including his accessories. By means of transport means, for example, e.g. change car radio, car phone, child car seat, canister, spare tires, key set and other repair equipment, seat covers. On the other hand, the responsibility of the operator does not apply to codes caused to things in the car only by a piece of leather, such as e.g. headphones, musical instruments, mobile phones, laptops, etc. These are things that are not related to the operation of the vehicle.

According to 436 of the Civil Code, the damage must first be claimed by the operator (instead of the employee of the establishment) without compensation, without delay, no later than the 15th day after the day on which he learned of the code. These are forfeited (slippage) deadlines. If you do not fulfill the notification obligation, his first right to replace the code expires.

If the operator of the searched car park were to conclude a liability insurance for code on all cases, it would be paid to break the glass and steal the car radio from this insurance.

time is called

Will I be reimbursed for the code due to the stove being detached from the wheel of another vehicle?
In the case of a detached stove, the weight comes in two ways: either the damaged vehicle registration plate is damaged or the code was caused by an unknown vehicle. If the registered sign of the vehicle mark is known, the code can be paid from the insurance liability (compulsory liability) by the insurance company with which the fault is binding. The insurance company can assess this case as an optional insurance event according to the terms of the contract, also in such a case the bonus would not be lost.

In the case of an unknown vehicle, neither the insurance company nor the Czech insurer from the guarantee fund pays for the code (only the health or death codes are covered from the guarantee fund if the code was caused by the operation of the unidentified vehicle).

The connection bag is very differentiated for the assessment of these codes, and the series of connections therefore offers the possibility of connecting the windscreen in the event of its damage.

How will the code be paid if the impact of an incoming vehicle is damaged by a parked or stationary vehicle?
If the code goes to an incoming vehicle that suddenly enters stationary vehicles that are not in use, the code will be reimbursed from the liability of the culprit. For the replacement of the code, it is assumed that the vehicle is found guilty and the codes are reported to the Police R.

In the case of vehicles in service, it will be obligatory to assess the individual according to the vehicles and their idi. This applies in particular to the so-called etzovch havri.

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

1. dl: car code from an unknown culprit must be reimbursed


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