Manel Vandovi says that they have many financial products: building savings, pension insurance, and life insurance. Therefore, decide how financial products will be a priority for each family member. Didn’t they go headlong in signing so many contracts?

Manel Vandovi lived in a family house on the outskirts of a small town. Mr. Vandov (48) works as an ethnic company in one production company and Mr. Vanda (49) works as a private company as a car mechanic. The daughter is 22 years old and first completed her bachelor’s degree in college. The seventeen-year-old son is in the third field of the field of cooking. Mr. Vandov is an administrative worker for the whole family, and thus he also takes care of all the financial products of his family.

At present, there are many financial products in the family, such as building savings, pension insurance, and life insurance, and think about which products are a priority and what they actually serve them for. Each family has a building connection under the condition until the end of 2003. Both spouses have a pension connection with a full pension, one-time, equal at the age of 50 and two life insurance, one of which has a one-time connection. The daughter of another financial product and his son will have an insurance policy in the next year, which his parents established when he was born. For the time being, this article will only focus on construction and pension connections.

1. Even the poor have to invest
2. Share with bnmi incomes

What is necessary to know?

At the same time, they should know at least basic information about their financial programs. The influence of advertising and sales even by many employees of financial institutions or intermediaries can lead to hasty decisions that must be avoided.

1. Stavebn spoen

The building association has gained its greatest fame since its inception, ie since 1993, and until the change of the law, which took place on 1.1.2004. By reducing the amount of support and extending the connection time, the building attractiveness of its building attractiveness decreased. Anyone who has managed to conclude a building connection by 31 December 2003, the conditions of the building connection must be ensured before the change of the law and it will not change until the termination of the contract. What are the most important changes actually as of 1.1.2004.

  • The reduction of the support from 25% to 15% of the year, ie from the original input of 18,000 K and the obtained 4,500 K, the maximum support is from 20,000 K. It is therefore possible to obtain a maximum of 3,000 K.
  • The minimum connection time has been extended from the original 5 years to 6 years.
  • For most building societies, deposits are valued at an annual rate of 2%.

2. Pension pipojitn

Retirement-related pension is a product that has gradually increased in popularity since 1994, when it was created. From the very beginning, pension funds have been struggling with the fact that the locations of the pension pensioners themselves are low and the average number of participants is high. Retirement benefits were, at the time of its inception, the first step in the masses of pension reform, which, as we all know, is still being prepared or if you want to delay. The problem of the day of talks is that no one still knows what the pension reform itself will look like, and thus how big a role the pension itself will play in the pension supplement itself. Pension funds are still trying to attract young and young women and at the same time strive to ensure that these and current employees raise their average seats. How do you offer the parameters of the pension connection with the mains?

For its own contributions, the participant provides financial support in the form of a state contribution.

msn pspvek astnka100 K200 K300 K400 K500 K
msn sttn pspvek50 K90 K120 K140 K150 K

In case of own deposit higher than 500 K, the current support is not increased. Funds embedded from 500 K to 1,500 K msn can be used as an item reducing the tax base.

There are 4 defined types of pensions in old-age pensions (old-age, invalidity, services, survivors). The right to an old-age pension arises for a participant who has paid contributions of at least 60 months (5 years) and has reached the age of 60. In practice, this means only one thing. If the employee is more than 60 years old, the year of entry after 5 years is completed.

Entitlement to the agreed invalidity pension is due to the payment of a full invalidity pension, if the participant paid contributions of at least 36 months (3 years). In practice, this means that disabled retirees have the right to choose after 3 years of savings.

When retiring, you can get 180 paid months (15 years) and 50% of the current value to the pension supplement. This option is only for young people. Survivors’ pensions cannot be paid by a natural person as a member of the contract if the participant has paid contributions for at least 36 months (3 years).

Mr. Vanda and his wife have a building society, a pension and every two years of life insurance. They also have building spoons. All building society contracts were concluded in 2002 with tens of CZK 200,000. Mr. Vandov has been joining the pension since 1996 and Mr. Vanda since 1998. Mr. Vandov has received additional contributions from the employer. For the time being, let’s skip the life insurance in this article, or make a separate chapter for you.

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Hints and tips

When deciding between products or their changes, it is necessary to assess not only the arguments about the benefits of individual products, but also the facts that are not discussed in advertising.

When assessing individual products, it is possible to use the services of quality and independent financial advisors.

First of all, we will deal with building savings. A building joint was introduced for the purpose of building, reconstruction, and housing itself. In the course of time, the bag turned into the area of ​​savings, when a hunter who wants to evaluate his financial resources in the horizon of five or six years, will get valued in this way mainly through the provided state support.

First of all, it is necessary to realize that the building association, like any other contract, pays for the conditions stated in the contract at the time of signing. These terms and conditions are valid until the termination of the contract, or until the amendment of this contract, which is accessed by both parties. In the case of the Vandovs and their children, the terms of the building society shall be paid in accordance with the building society agreement before the approved amendment.

This amendment, valid from 1.1.2004, is valid only for contracts newly signed after this date. According to it, it is necessary to realize that the building society pays five years, or six years only takes time as a minimum to obtain support. The maximum spool time is not specified. Thus, everyone in these families can save up to everyone, even though this time is a hell of a minimum. On the contrary, for each year above the limit of this time when they put the pension on this product, on the contrary, they will receive adequate state support, in their case 25%.

In the case of pension savings, it is necessary to know how someone has a full pension and under what conditions. Manel Vandovi has a closed pension supplement with the validity of the full pension before the amendment to the Act on Pension Supplement. In practice, this means that they have the opportunity, in the case of a fairly one-off balance, to choose their own funds after their 50th birthday. In this case, it is necessary for the husband to stay with his retirement benefits without any change during the evening of the transfer letters. In 50 years, they will have the opportunity to collect these funds and re-attach them to a new pension scheme according to the current conditions with the validity of the contract up to 60 years, ie they can re-evaluate the funds at one time.

The difference between the full pension before the amendment and after the amendment is only 30 K ms in the case of a full contribution. Compared to the new full-time pension, this decrease will be compensated in the form of future income with the use of existing financial resources. In this case, the husband must have lasted only a year or two, respectively.

Therefore, it is necessary to repeat that each change offered is suitable enough to pay off for the employee himself. Finann institutions are the only business entities that dream of increasing their profits, if possible as much as possible. A contract is an act of agreement between two parties. Therefore, if you grind any change, find out all the pros and cons.

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