Today, television is considered primarily a source of entertainment. The Canadian DigiBank (DB) is based on this fact, which will soon invade its market. It has decided to offer television banking services on our market, which you can use at home, directly from its gaue in the process.

The gradual transition to digital television will bring not only new programs, but also new news. One of the first stocks that will appear in our country in the middle of the first year is television banking.

The only condition for access to your own bank and banker will be a TV with the possibility of receiving and sending a digital signal or purchasing a set top box for those TVs that do not know the digital signal.

DigiBank will be able to help her choose a suitable TV and set-top box at her infoline from the beginning of this year, and will eventually provide you with a loan to purchase them over the phone.

Simply press the “Interactive” button on the remote control of the set top box and digital TV to access the menu, which includes access to, among other things, the DigiTelevision Banking (DTB) website. After running, set the language and screen size.

After a short registration, you can use it immediately. You can track the balance on your own, send and receive pensions and pay those. will be charged at three crowns per minute. The fee will therefore depend mainly on your speed of operation and data transfer speed.

A revolutionary innovation, which is also digitally transmitted, is the use of a hologram (three-dimensional images), which we know from banknotes, payment cards, software packaging and film and series, where flying virtual objects fly over the table.

“With DigiTelevision Banking, you will have a choice of many personal banks and banknotes, and beware, if you connect between 10 pm and 5 am, you can also choose a bank on top. We decided to try this service in the Czech Republic, because there is a huge interest in it in Canada. Of course, the function can be limited by a child insurance policy, confirmed John Salmon, a press release at DigiBank.

After selecting the selected bank and the bank, it is as if “exit from the TV screen directly into your collar. The three-dimensional display is in diapers, the image will not be fully sharp yet, but the illusion that the figure rises in front of the screen in space is still believable.

DigiBank does not want to reveal the maximum view (whether, for example, the image can be bypassed or only observed from a limited city).

The size of the image of the selected banknote and bank depends on the size of the screen, it does not exceed twice the size. The selected advisor can be saved in oblbench items and switched between them in the future.

The main advantages here include the possibility to choose a personal bank, access to it 24 hours a day from your shop and without the need to pay additional fees for setting up the Internet and telephone lines. The disadvantage will be relatively limited supply of services.

If there is interest in the promise of television banking, DigiBank promises to expand its services and provide mortgages and investment advice.

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