The health insurance company pays a report on income and expenses from self-employment and a sum of insurance premiums. The first form to submit for the year 2006 will be called dn (see the box in the header), if you find any discrepancies in time and want to correct them, check that you have the corrective overview.

Models treasure

Anna is a businesswoman. In 2006, she earned 440,000 crowns as a financial advisor, and sent the costs associated with her business to 260,000 crowns. The Social Security Administration paid a total of CZK 27,600 for health insurance, and 16,800 crowns for health insurance. Anna pays her life insurance, the insurance is 1000 crowns a month, so she gave a gift to a civic association for disabled children, a total of 10,000 crowns. Thanks to that, Anna reduced her tax base on income taxes, but in the absence of insurance for the first social security and for the health insurance company, she did not relieve it. Anna married in 2006 and became a husband. She then rented her original apartment, spent 40,000 crowns on the lease, and applies the expenses as a percentage of the income (30 percent, ie 12,000 crowns).

First page of the formula

The thanks on the first page of the overview are not Slavic, but it is relatively easy to compare with most of them after experience with tax returns.

As part of personal data, it is good to establish vemon contacts, such as telephone and e-mail. It is not an obligation, but it is known to facilitate communication with the insurance company, as most employees will say what they need quickly and clearly understand what you need, while you would be in vain about a letter full of one wording.

In the first page of the formula, there is a box in which you enter the dates when you should have filed and filed the tax return. This can also be confirmed by a stamp from the filing office of the financial office, which I will print on the form for the insurance company, and you will come to submit the tax return. Send daov formulas then? No problem, copy the feeder from the sweat and the pilots’ medical insight.

Model: Anna did not bring the form of the tax return to the financial office personally, but sent it by registered mail. So he drank a copy of the file to the sight.

If you changed your health insurance company in 2006, check yes in the following section. In that case, you will get a glimpse of two bins of companies in the year you were her client.

The overview section determines what the connection company can do with a possible surcharge. You will not think about whether to have your pension sent by sweat or on board, start the next trip to find out if you have any overpayment at all.

Model: Anna found out on the other side of the view that the overpayment was m.

In the following, you will indicate to the health insurance company how you want to pay the deposit for the next period of time is a voucher or number. The number you specify is also the one on which you drill any overpayment.

Model: Anna salary insurance cashless. He will therefore state the word from which the pension was sent.

The other formula is extremely important, especially for those who do not have a business as the main source of income. Check here how the client category is:

A If you only do business, tick this option.

B If you were an employee and at the same time doing business, check option B and state in which cities for each activity was the main source of income. You can state your employment as the main source of income in the event that your employer has paid insurance and you have received at least the minimum wage. The advantage of a certain business as a secondary source of income is the fact that you do not have to pay health insurance contributions in the next period.

C If you were one of those for whom you paid insurance, you do not have to pay high minimum deposits, you will only pay from what you actually earned:

■ for dependent children, including students under 26 years of age;

■ for pensioners who receive income from the Czech Republic’s pension insurance system;

■ satisfied for one;

■ for those who are allowed parental leave.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

D When the redemption deposit has not been determined, you do not have to comply with the minimum payment of the insurance premium that applies to the entrepreneur. Check the first option and indicate in which months (it is valid that only the entire calendar month is required)

a) insurance for vs paid stt (see point C);

b) you are currently an employee and earn more than the minimum wage (see point B);

c) you were ill and received sickness benefits from the social security office (must be documented by a certificate from the social security office);

d) you are a person with a physical, sensory or mental disability;

e) You have all the benefits for a retirement entitlement, but do not take it because you have not met any other conditions to complete it;

f) you have cared for at least one child under 7 years of age or two children under 15 years of age. It must be all day and in person, it is possible for children to go to bowling for 4 hours a day. The child of the round must not be obliged to spend more than one class in the round, so the problem is when the child visits the group.

At the bottom of the formula, write the date and say goodbye.

Kind of side of the formula

Dec 1: Enter the income you have from the business, ie the ones listed in the area of ​​1 tax return. Attention, the health insurance company can also declare the income from which you did not pay yourself the royalties you received from the tax (royalties for contributions to newspapers, magazines, etc. up to 3000 crowns are taxed by the Serbian tax of 10 percent).

Model: Anna writes 440,000 crowns, because the income from the rent is not necessary for you to admit from the point of view of health insurance.

Dec 2: Write down the data related to the given income. Look for the documents again in the area of ​​1 tax return.

Model: Anna records expenses of 260,000 crowns.

dec 4 a 5: Write down how many jobs you did in 2006 and state how many jobs you had at the health insurance company, fill in the form.

Model: Anna writes in both windows slo 12 did business for a year and did not change her health insurance company.

dek 6a a 6b: Drink a month for which self-employment was your main source of income. The box is divided into two hundred, because the minimum exchange rate changed during the year. It doesn’t matter what health insurance company you were with.

Dec 9 a 12: Follow the instructions, the formula contains pmo formulas, write the result in the box.

Dec 14: Sweat the washbasin. It is half of the length of 12, at least what you calculated on the length of 9 (in the case of the whole business 111,805.50 crowns) and a maximum of 486,000 crowns. Please note that those who have not set a minimum deposit (see the report on page one of this overview, students, pensioners, people on parental leave, etc.) do not have to take into account the lower limit of 111,805 crowns, when they calculated the deposit, they will have to deal with nm.

Dec 15: Here you will sweat out how to remove the deposit to the bond for which you are looking out the overview.

Dec 16: Sweat the fuse by multiplying the replacement base from length 15 by 0.135, rounding the result up to the crown.

Model: Anna calculated that the health insurance company from her income was 15 094 crowns.

Dec 41: Here you can see all the deposits that you sent in 2006 to the health insurance company. You will not forget the piston and any overpayment from 2005, which you did not have sent to you, but used it as a deposit for 2006.

Model: Anna Star paid a total of 1,400 crowns in currency, so she paid 16,800 crowns in sums.

Dec 43: Odette od dku 41 dek 16. When the positive value comes out, you have an overpayment. The minus sign means that you will add, it is reversed at the overview for the first security of the social security.

Model: Anna paid a payment of 1706 crowns. Now I will go to the one side of this overview and indicate whether he wants to pay for the surcharge in the castle of treats for another period, or to shake it. Anna chose the first option.

Dec 51: According to the formula, sweat the deposit on a pt equivalent. If you are not listed on page one of the overview for those who have not been assigned a minimum deposit, you must enter a minimum of 1360 crowns. The highest deposit, on the other hand, is 5468 crowns, nobody has to pay anything.

Model: Ann Star paid 1012.50 crowns. Because the bag is a full-time entrepreneur, he does not study, he should not have a child and he will not receive a disability pension, he must write down and subsequently pay a minimum monthly deposit of 1360 crowns.


esk nrodn zdravotn pojiovna, kd pojiovny 222,

Hutnick zamstnaneck pojiovna, kd pojiovny 205,

Branches health insurance for employees of banks, insurance and construction, kd 207,

Revrn fraternal treasury, kd pojiovny 213,

Military Medical Insurance Company of the Czech Republic, kd pojiovny 201,

Veobecn zdravotn pojiovna R, kd pojiovny 111,

Zamstnaneck pojiovna CODE, kd pojiovny 209,

Zdravotn pojiovna METALALIANCE, kd pojiovny 217,

Zdravotn pojiovna MV R, kd pojiovny 211,

Sample health insurance forms HERE

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