If the application of the actual value is only more appropriate for only a few thousand crowns, you are wondering if you prefer not to tie paul. It will be much easier and you will avoid the risk of making a mistake.

Kadenice: vyplat se pout paul

The work of the incense burner belongs to the craft business, and since 2009 I have the year to deduct a salary of more than 80 percent. And that’s a lot. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing to do and to show real costs does not make sense. This was also confirmed by the censer Iveta from Prague, who kept a penny for two days, hid all the thin ones and then paid a lot to fill the tax return correctly, because it showed real costs. From loska, paul is suitable for her.

Its average monthly income is around 36 thousand crowns, exactly 440 thousand crowns a year. Actual costs do not reach even 180 thousand crowns.

This is due to the so-called rental of the chair, which means that the salary of the owner of the salon is a fixed contract for each month and does not have to worry about pensions for energy, rent, water, laundry and the like.

“Then, with a simple calculation, you will find out that more than 33 thousand crowns have been spent on paula a year, that the income will not be paid in days, only payments for health and social insurance will await it. In the wallet, there is more than 2,772 crowns left in the town, ”says Lenka Echkov from the Rechka & Tomko office.

Otherwise, it would be the case if Iveta had her own business. Then the real costs would be far away from you, and depending on whether she worked alone, she would share the cadence with her, she would be close to paul paul in marriage.

Binding agent: pay off the actual costs

The work of the binding agent is one of the activities that changed in Paul. While in 2009 people who were engaged in activities according to special regulations could deduct a paula of more than 60 percent, in 2010 they can claim only 40 percent.

As an example, we chose an agent who last year had an average income of 40 thousand crowns. We compared his actual costs and asked him whether it was worthwhile to deduct the actual expenses in a tax return or a pause. We also took into account payments for health and social insurance. Actual expenses include an item for a car, which the entrepreneur can deduct in the amount of thousands of crowns per month, even if they would keep a logbook. In fact, the passage msn only those thousands of crowns. In both cases, you are sure to receive them.

“According to sel, it would be worthwhile to apply the actual costs this time, the difference is 12,423 crowns,” comments Lenka echkov.

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