When the Milers started a shnt zazen before a while, where they could have aunt who was growing up to be self-employed, they found out on their own what is known. In general, the nursing home was hopelessly full. And the city occupied and for a few years ahead.

“In the end, we got a private zazen for 15 thousand crowns from Prague. The average cost can be paid from the contribution to the loan that the aunt received. But we were quite surprised that the private facility did not actually offer anything extra compared to the general, much cheaper, ”the family described.

So this skuten me bt. Private nursing homes have responded to the lack of cities in similar institutions and do not offer better services at your expense. Often they can’t even, because the operating costs are high and, with the exception of no one, unlike the general regional facilities, they do not write for the operation.

Ask what the privateers have to offer

Even for municipal and regional nursing homes, however, they are paid only in retirement and so that seniors have pocket money. Private facilities can determine the price themselves, so it costs me ten, fifteen or twenty thousand crowns per month.

If you see such a device, check, for example, whether there are enough colorless people, whether seniors go out, how they have a daily program, whether they offer rehabilitation, take courses and classes.

Dleit is the number of medical staff. Take an interest, for example, in how they would cope with the health problems that a senior suffer from.

The cheapest option is to stay in the skull of long-term patients, but it is de facto a hospital facility, where in addition, the hunter should stay only three months, then his stay health insurance company does not apply. A big unsuitable LDN is the lack of privacy and you are limited.

Sometimes hospice can help me

The devices for those who need real all-day work are mostly private and one of the most dramatic.

Hospice can help me die when people die from cancer, for example. Many also offer a home at home or the services of a so-called mobile hospice, when they need to secure a patient’s home at home.

Hospice services are usually financially acceptable, because they can contribute to the contribution and in many of them the patient contributes to the stay according to their financial means. The rest of the cost of the castle health insurance company, gave the funds from the subsidies, donations and from the sponsor.

When to take care of home

If you do not need a day-to-day facility, you can use the nursing and donation services as well as home agencies, their staff will come to the senior home or the station where the old hunter can be bred as needed, you need a day for a few hours.

Look for them, for example, under the name Day Services Center, Day Station and the like. A good tip is to rent compensated aids, run a hospice, a hospital or a charity, which can receive, for example, a walker and a reclining bed for an acceptable pension.

Where to look for advice? Contact a social department

  • They can advise them, for example, in the social department of the city council, in the case of small municipalities in the municipal council.
  • The overview of all providers of social services operating in the country of the region is so social, in the case of long-term illnesses and hospices, the health departments of the regional councils.
  • They should also advise you on a number of jobs, because they are engaged in the assessment step to contribute to the work.
  • A good overview of home agencies and nursing services should be practiced.
  • The information should be provided by the hospital or the skull of long-term patients.
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