If you are a small and medium-sized entrepreneur, you can get pensions from the European Union not only in the form of a subsidy, but also in the form of a bill or a favorable income.

Give both to the Eskomoravsk zrun a rozvojov banka (www.cmzrb.cz). You will have to repent and at the beginning of five years, when these programs will run again. 1.85 billion crowns will be available for funds from the European Union and 1.1 billion crowns for mills.

Zruk’s programs

If you need to get a pension and you want high secured assets in the bank, which you do not have, you can use the services of MZRB and file it for payment.

The M-bill is for men’s projects, when it does not exceed 5 million crowns (MZRB provide 70 percent of the loan volume), the bank provides S-Zruku for unlimited, so you can provide you with a 50 million loan (MZRB provide 80 percent of the loan volume) ).

Both payments are for a maximum period of 15 years and pay for n 0.1 and 0.3 percent ron of the amount for which MZRB ru. For a new bank, these cancellations are a great guarantee, thanks to which you can get a better annual rate.

ance is also on bonus

If you do not have more than 50 employees and do business in some of the so-called economic handicaps of the region (district of Most, Chomutov, Teplice, Znojmo, Opava, Dn and others), you can get a financial contribution of more than 10 percent of the volume of the secured year, the maximum amount of million crowns. The condition for payment is that he will pay his debt flawlessly.

Zvhodnn free

From the New Year onwards, the providers will be favored only within the framework of the Progres program. Progress is the so-called podr vr, from which you can temporarily meet the bank’s bank – the arrest of the fulfillment of Progres can be postponed for several years. Progress is thrown at a time when you are not sure that you can manage the installments of the “normal” heat right from the first month, the bank takes these pensions as in the business capital.

“Entrepreneurs know this type of heat from the past and appreciate especially the long-term maturity, the possibility of deferred installments and a suitable annual rate,” confirms Ladislav Macka, CEO of the bank. At this point, the parameters of the program, which will come into force in January 2009, are not known.

The date when MZRB will start providing such bezron vr Start, jet has not been set, nor will it be possible to follow the website.

Do not have debts or do business in Prague

An experienced entrepreneur, even those who hire, can apply for a loan or make a bank of their guarantor. The condition is that the business project is in the list of so-called supported activities. These include, for example, industry and construction.

Also, believe that MZRB will have to submit a business plan and you must not have any debts to you. You can find an overview of the conditions on the bank’s website, as well as a change in the list of supported activities.

Like subsidies, the bank’s grain programs are not designed to crack entrepreneurs.

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