One hundred and fifty billion crowns. So much space available for small and medium-sized businesses. In five years, the pension is likely to shift from the Union. You can go to get millions for your company, just fill in the right formulas.

How many pensions is to me

The union pours a lot of pensions to them, because they are among the so-called underdeveloped regions. We have a gross domestic product of less than 75 percent of the EU average. After 2014, we will probably not be below average and support from the Union for us will end.

For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, more than 150 billion crowns are earmarked from the Union. The aunt was then roughly divided from this contact. “First and foremost, the entrepreneur is one of the most supported economies, according to the Union,” explains Jan Hanu, a subsidy specialist at Komern banka.

If you do business, be interested in the opportunity to get a subsidy. As a medium-sized entrepreneur (50 and 250 employees) you can get and half of the total investment, the entrepreneur (up to 50 employees) had 60 percent.

You have to pay for the project first, you will only receive the pension from the Union. A number of banks offer specialized advice and advice for this el.

Who will get support from the EU

Although every entrepreneur can apply for a subsidy, it would be naive to know that pensions are full here for everyone. With your change, you have to hit one of the supported programs.

If you make something, and it’s a custom kitchen or a wheelchair, be especially interested in the comprehensive Business and Innovation program. From it you can get pensions for the purchase of new machines and technologies, the introduction of new products or projects related to energy savings. A typical example is an engineering company that wants to buy an expensive turning machine for women, but it will also make me want a chest with a cutter for two million crowns.

Another nationwide program is called Human Resources and Employment, in which there are pensions for educated employees. It is about educating employees by professional education (for example, controlling specialized software), as well as communication and language skills.

If your field is tourism or social services, try to apply for a grant from the so-called Regional Operational Programs. You will get your pension on the construction of a pension, bicycle paths, tennis courts, but also a retirement home. Farmers and foresters have the opportunity to receive pensions from the Rural Development program.

Those who want pensions to support business in the capital have the same position. Prague has special conditions and two own programs – Adaptability and Competitiveness, in which there are less than nine billion crowns. Now neither of them is open.

How about pension data

Each operational program has its own administrator, usually a ministry. For example, the Enterprise and Innovation program falls within the remit of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In most cases, the Ministry of Jet cooperates with the Czech Republic, who handles all the administration on its behalf with the grant applicants. In this case, the CzechInvest agency is the means.

Regional programs, in turn, provide so-called series of regional councils. If you are going to subsidize data, first contact these entities to be implemented by the agency.

enough about the subsidy is most often done electronically. Take care that you will need an electronic signature, for 190 crowns you can issue it for sweat.

Pensions from the Union, which you can apply for in the first year or five

Entrepreneurs can draw funds from EU funds to support their development. which programs are current.

I. Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation (OPEI)

  • CzechInvest agency receives enough about the subsidy
  • There are enough two rounds, the first, the so-called registered quite electronically via the internet application eAccount (available at www. czechinvest. cz), in two months you have to submit

Information and communication technology (ICT) and strategic services

  • What’s going on: support for the offer of new information systems and services
  • For example: development of new software for women’s transportation, new and unique software
  • Pension volume: 1.5 billion K
  • Termn to: expelled the next round in January

ICT in companies

  • What’s going on: established and diverse information and communication technologies.
  • For example: nkup software for zen companies
  • Pension volume: hum humming
  • Termn to: 28. 2. 2009

Cooperation – clusters

  • What’s going on: support for the creation of branch or branch groups of business entities
  • For example: joint promotion of the textile cluster only
  • Pension volume: 1 billion K.
  • Termn to: 28. 2. 2009


  • What’s going on: consulting services related to established innovation for small and medium enterprises
  • For example: change in product design, innovation of work organization
  • Pension volume: 50 million K
  • Termn to: 28. 2. 2009


  • What’s going on: investment in a development center focused on the research and development of a product or technology
  • For example: purchase of laboratory equipment, no license, purchase of buildings for research
  • Pension volume: 3 billion K
  • Termn to: 30. 9. 2009


  • What’s going on: support for the implementation of research, new technologies and competitive products and services
  • For example: vstavba vdeckotechnickho park
  • Pension volume: 4 billion K
  • Termn to: 31. 7. 2009


  • What’s going on: sniovn energetické nronosti vroby
  • For example: use of waste energy in industrial processes
  • Pension volume: 2 billion K
  • Termn to: 28. 2. 2009

kolic stediska

  • What’s going on: support of infrastructure for education
  • For example: purchase of a projector, furniture, kolicho equipped, purchase of a building for ely knees
  • Pension volume: 700 million K
  • Termn to: vyhlen dalho kola v noru 2009

Innovation – Patent

  • What’s going on: support for activities aimed at protecting the first industrial property and invention
  • For example: a description of the industrial design and trademarks
  • Pension volume: 60 million K
  • Termn to: 30. 4. 2009

Innovation – an innovated project

  • What’s going on: innovation of products, technologies, services or the production process, including the introduction of an innovated product into production and
  • For example: installation of new refractory materials for kiln glass
  • Pension volume: 4 billion K for 2009 (with Innovation-Patent)
  • Termn to: there was no urn


  • What’s going on: export support in foreign markets
  • For example: creation of foreign language propaganda materials, participation in foreign fairs and exhibitions
  • Pension volume: hum humming
  • Termn to: vyhlen dalho kola v noru 2009

II. Regionln operan programs (ROP)

  • to support business infrastructure and tourism
  • until the ROP, a single wheel without a registered number is enough for the region to which the project falls
  • It is enough to visit the electronic application Benefit7, which is available on the websites of individual announcers

ROP Northwest

  • What’s going on: development and modernization of tourism infrastructure
  • For example: veejn tboit, caravan parks, modernization of hotel to at least 3 * category
  • Pension volume: 406 million K
  • Termn to: 12. 3. 2009

ROP Northeast

  • What’s going on: support of business infrastructure, revitalization of brownfields (unused industrial space) with subsequent use for business
  • For example: reconstruction of an old production hall for the needs of an engineering company
  • Pension volume: there was no urn
  • Termn: vyvy vzvy se oekv 5. 1. 2009

Source: Komern banka EU Point

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