After those years, the conditions for me to drink in the same way. The changes were approved by the constructors together with the cancellation of the second sawmill. The so-called supplementary pension savings, which is currently closed to over 330,000 people, will be more attractive.

With the exception of the first lion, all changes should take effect from January 2016.

1.The pensioner will retire at the age of 60

Probably the most significant change is the possibility to choose the right funds in 60 years. It is actually a return to the old age of the pension, as the people knew it until 2012. Since 2013, it has been true for supplementary pension savings that the people were able to get to their pensions and in the moment when they got a claim to pay the state pension.

For people, this change not only means that they will receive two funds, but above all it will be clearer. People will not have to worry about getting a claim to a state pension, as soon as they are 60 years old, they will know that they can apply for a pension from their pension fund, explains Ale Poklop, president of the Association of Pension Companies R.

The state will motivate new people to choose a salary in the form of a pension and not the one-off settlement, which they choose most often so far. If, from 2016, a participant chooses to pay their pensions through at least a decade of pension, they will be exempt from taxable income, which is otherwise 15 percent.

2.The pension spoen will also be for small children

The second important novelty, which will come into force from January, is the possibility to spoil even a small child. Parents will be able to set up a retirement pension for children, who will be able to choose a means of employment (without the employer’s contribution and contributions) after reaching the age of 18 and continue.

3.From sttu a 2 760 plus daov left a 3 600 korun

A positive change is the possibility to deduct more income from the tax base. For the time being, it was true that the highest amount (12 thousand crowns) could be taxed by those who saved at least 2,000 crowns, and then saved 1,800 crowns a year. New will have a maximum readable item of 24 thousand and it will reach anyone who will save at least one thousand msn. Such a hunter then not only receives the maximum contribution, ie 2,760 crowns, but another 3,600 crowns in taxes, to Ale Poklop.

4.Companies will be motivated to contribute to employees

The supplementary pension savings will also be suitable for companies if they decide to contribute to their employees’ pensions. The limit for tax benefits will be shifted from 30 to 50 thousand crowns. Both changes in the tax area will apply unlike other rights from 2017, so in the tax return for 2017, the people or companies will be able to impose new tax conditions.

5.There are fees for administration and first entry

For people who have a old pension and savings in transformed funds, the initial fee will increase from 0.6 to 0.8 percent, while the fee from ronch income will fall from 15 to 10 percent. For those who have a new pension scheme closed from January 1, 2013, the fees for the first increase will increase from 0.8 to one percent and the fees from the annual income from 10 to 15 percent.

The average participant in the transformed funds pays about 70 and 80 crowns more in fees in the first year. However, the pension savings bank will still be the most suitable in terms of fees compared to other financial products, such as building savings or investment insurance. The fees are so lower, they were not before 2013, to Hatch.

6.Roz se investin monosti

The invited fee will have such a positive effect for clients: Some investment difficulties and securities were lost to pension companies because they had to pay high costs in the form of purchase and sales fees (eg for events), entry and entry fees and the cost of administration. nap. u podlovch list. Thus, they were unavailable to the members of the pension savings fund, they could offer an interesting appreciation or they could contribute to the diversification of investment risks. If new pension companies have more pensions for the purchase of securities, the situation will improve in this regard, and pensioners will be able to invest in these and even in the hitherto available securities.

A positive change for people is the right investment limits for pension companies. It expands the investment opportunities of pension companies in tools that can be pinned by frequent returns. For example, while pension companies have now been able to invest only 35 percent of the value of a fund’s assets in collective investment funds, it will now be 60 percent. This will allow the first time mutual funds, especially with risky investment strategies (exports, dynamic fund strategies), to buy instead of many equity positions (hence the bond) of highly diversified een funds. In practice, this means that the asset manager can buy one investment in a collective investment fund, such as plates and hundreds of different stocks of individual companies, concludes Ale Poklop.

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