Most young people approach irresponsible opportunities to protect themselves and others from the effects of premature death or personal injury. This follows from the first completed survey of public currency, which is the current attitude of the Czech public to life insurance products.

At present, there is a significant slowdown in the growth rate of the life insurance market in the Czech Republic according to the indicator of premiums written. This trend has several pins. Relative birth is an underestimated risk 17% of people without distinction do not want to be exposed to day-to-day risk. According to the preferred benefit of the pension supplement before life insurance when connected to st.

For most people (61%), the main reason for taking out life insurance is to ensure close proximity to the negative financial consequences in the event of an unforeseen tragedy or illness. Spoen on st (14%) or a suitable deposit of pensions (19%) does not play such a significant role for them.

The supply of a type of life insurance increase (risks, capital, investments, pensions) and thus becomes unclear for clients in comparison with other insurance products.

The most used form of life insurance is capitals (40%) and pensions (26%).

Life insurance is most often closed by people living in marriage (47%) and people with children (43%). Most young people between the ages of 20 and 29 take the opportunity to safeguard themselves and closely against adverse situations. Only 32% of them have some kind of life insurance.

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The most common reason for not taking out insurance is the lack of free funds (42%). In the upper layers of income, the main role is played by competition from other insurance products or savings (41%) together with low appreciation of financial resources (34%).

A big competitor for life insurance is the pension supplement. In addition to profitability, people are motivated to use these products as well as other contributions that make mistakes in life. In the case of a supplementary pension, the customer is entitled to a maximum support of CZK 150 per month at a rate of CZK 500, and at the same time my deposits are deducted from the tax base up to CZK 12,000. The subsidy from the state does not apply to life insurance with the investment and capital component, it is only possible to reduce the tax base.

The orientation towards the introduction of financial products was evidenced by the popularity of building societies, which was closed by 73% of the people.

Awareness of life insurance is more likely to be seen by 20% of people, noting the difference between life insurance and pension insurance. Darkly half (45%) have unrealistic ideas about the effects of supplementary pensions. Consider it suitable to cover the risk of shock.

The level of indebtedness in the form of various loans or mortgages is constantly growing, but people take the opportunity to secure themselves and their close livelihoods against situations that could prevent them from having enough of their bonds. People are afraid of losing their own lives, such as looting an apartment or losing their jobs.

Source: Research of public opinion on life insurance performed by students of VE in Prague for the Czech Association of Insurance

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