Her Kolek started a few pieces of bread according to his own recipe for himself. When he gave him a taste of ptelm, they did not know that he was baked by laughter. Today in pekain venture with his daughter Michael. And give it to them. The interest in their bread grows and with it the number of baked breads.

Get quotes and make thousands of them for it, but they never hurt. It wouldn’t be bread to be honest like at home. We are on the market thanks to the qualities of Ji Kolek. Their bread is eaten not only in Prague, but Kolk’s craftsmanship hell also developed it to other cities in the Czech Republic and even to Germany. They have also received a number of awards for their products.

Get offers to sell hell and your own recipe. And some of the offers were very interesting financially. My grandmother said that everything is for sale and I think it is true. But at the moment it’s not something that’s on the agenda, Ji Kolek remarked. We agree with you on that. We’ve had a hell of a year, we opened a lot of traffic a year ago. We are growing year by year, including his daughter Michaela.

The kind of sweet tongue decided that they would do business in them. Kolek wanted her to taste some of the bread he knew from his childhood. He tried to make him laugh, but at first he didn’t succeed in bread.

Did it happen that the first bread didn’t come out?
Ji Kolek: I was a pure amateur. It was the first bread that was in mind, but not the patience with the preparation. Today I made a mistake. I have not repented, for example, to the leaven of bread, I have til, and the bread will be upeen and voav.

Did you taste these first creations when he experimented and looked for the perfect recipe?
Michaela: At home we only tasted those that could be taken away (smch). But when ute pct, usually dn recipe doesn’t come out the first time. It has many variables, it’s a lot about proportions. The first recipes are trial and error. It is only through experience that it is sawed and mined.

Ji Kolek: Song right. When I baked the bread for myself, I finished it and finished it. I wanted everything to be the best and most perfect. First I bought different flowers, then I started experimenting with the flower and I started to give it sm. I didn’t think at all that I could sell bread, so I didn’t even wonder how much I could eat it. The trick for me was to make the bread taste good and to have the best possible ingredients.

In order to start selling bread, you are provoked by a friend to whom you have made bread. How did you take their hecovn?
Ji Kolek: I took it a little bit out. I lived in Bedichov, which is a village that runs a business. There are quality guesthouses and restaurants. I myself have always been bright, for you to buy the cheapest pastry in the shopping chains and tie it to the home heels, sausages and great home soups. When I talked to them about it, they always told me that hell was not surprising here. But I was told that a quality hell could be used here.

Also put a beetle in the head.
Ji Kolek: Yes, there was a beetle in my head, I started thinking about it. Once the dish is in your head, get rid of it.

You are not a baker, you have a medium agricultural wheel. What did they say in the business series when you wanted to start a hell?
Ji Kolek: Their first sentences were: It’s not possible! I understood that there was a problem with that. While everyone around us cheered and supported us, although some said it would not be fun, no one betrayed us and saw the day. They saw a lot of these bakeries in the business series. But we didn’t give up and we made our way.

How is the path seen?
Michaela: You have to be a deputy. When someone is not used in the field, they must have a used representative who will be responsible for everything. According to us, it’s a remnant of a bygone era, I don’t see logic in that.

Ji Kolek: Ruit me and an uneducated representative, a hundred when I practice. Nobody cares how long the practice is. Some things are simply upside down.

Did you pour such a hunter easily?
Michaela: While we were in gastronomy, we knew who to address.

When you first received an offer from a merchant to supply her with bread, she asked how much she would sell. But you couldn’t answer.
Ji Kolek: It was quite fun. J didn’t last wonder how much bread I was eating until the last moment. Today you km, that was a big plus. If I had done it, I would probably have thought differently.

And when did you finally get the price, surprise vs. how much bread peete?
Ji Kolek: Yes, stran. At that time, it cost me one kilo of some bread in a shop would cost 100 crowns. Similarly, bread was sold in shops for 40 crowns. I was very surprised.

But he found the order in the bread. He first tasted your ptelm and their ptelm, then dalm and dalm people. The throat cried out that he was good.
Ji Kolek: That’s right, it was from customer to customer. At the same time, I realized that this is the best advertisement I can be. Today we bake two thousand loaves for a shift and we have a total of ten kinds. But it has to be one condition of bread of the same quality, or it has to be glued and mined.

If you started a few mountains of bread, it would cringe too.
Ji Kolek: I think the same speed. When we buy a new oven or we want to change something in hell, drink with a novelty, so take the tests. And when we make sure that the bread has not subsided, but on the contrary he has succeeded, let’s take a new step.

Don’t worry that someone will steal your recipe?
Ji Kolek: No, because it’s not just about the recipe itself. You can find the recipe for this bread on the Internet in a hundred different forms. Many people make bread at home. But it is a good idea to put bread for yourself in the hell so that each piece is as good and of good quality as the house.

How many pieces of bread did you manage to make up from the arrest?
I baked at night with a bottle of wine in an old electric oven. I baked you pt bread for the night and I thought how fantastic it is. When she drank the first big order for the wedding of a multimilione, I drank that I couldn’t handle it at all. It was 20 loaves.

And how did you end up doing it?
A week I was getting ready, I bought two electric ovens so as not to underestimate anything. I prepared everything twice for sure. It was a prestige for me. I got the job on the recommendation of a friend. In the end, I froze, I had no feedback for almost those days. I thought: You, yeah, there was probably something wrong. Eventually, a friend called me and made sure that the bread was rated. It was such an impulse for me in the future.

Michael, when she drank from tty nabdka to do business with him, did it surprise you?
I think it was timed at the time. At that time, I worked in catering for a year and I really enjoyed it. I was in charge of both the organizer and the creators. I worked completely for the project, which was not, among other things.

Weren’t the furnaces just afraid to create a family business in which to blame me?
I think that creating a family business is a lot for people who are happy. However, there is a huge certainty that we can rely on ourselves one hundred percent. We know we won’t let go, and when we need to, we can take you too for the price of going back in the morning.

But I don’t have that in the company of property.
It has a long maximum for the company and it is sometimes nron, especially when he had two sons. But at the same time, km tta bears the main risks.

Radte se?
Ji Kolek: Yes, urit. We have different views of the world, we confront them together and then we agree on how to go. And when we can’t agree, let’s say I’m f (smch).

Jakm krdem se pi svm podnikn dte?
Ji Kolek: I think the test is ready. Not ready for the unprepared. When my daughter and I decided to go the professional route, I made a concept of what the trip should look like. I approached the spade graphic artist, with whom I collaborated with her two in a previous business in an art studio. We sat down and looked for what a hell of a TV should have and how to present the bread itself. Within 14 days, we decided which way to go, and when I drove the first breads to the store, they had their label and packaging next to their label. At that time, we had even given a test, Pavel Maurer noticed these visions (editor’s note: a recognized expert in gastronomy). He was so intrigued that he bought bread, and when he tasted it, he was also fascinated by the taste, he also publicly praised us.

Opening a hell is not cheap at all. Did you have your own chapter on it, or did you have to go?
I believed that my future had a hell, so I addressed my friends with this booth and offered them an investment in the hell. In the end, we got all the investment money, we didn’t need it.

How many pensions have you invested so far?
Ji Kolek: So far it has been six million crowns and we would like to invest at least another six million crowns in those years.

Michaela: We go step by step, that we made a refurbishment of the refurbished machines and furnaces, which suit our technological procedures.

Ji Kolek: We were also happy about that, because I was in love with the big baker, who was retired. He didn’t know from the arrest that I was a Pekask layman. He thought e mm years of experience. He was thrilled with the project, helped with technology and allowed me to enter the big hells, to make it clear which direction we want to go.

Think about pedaling the whole company one day?
Urit, from the point of view of the age difference, I have nothing else left, also with that, of course, then. I started the company and offered it to me because I wanted it to interest it and it felt like ownership. But I wanted to have decision-making power, because I respect that it is so better. But there will definitely be a day when I could leave the company and start a business. Business since the first day she drank the velvet revolution. I have business, I want to be responsible for myself.

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