In the event that the car is leased or stolen, the company will receive a pension from the insurance company. It doesn’t even have to pay you the money. First you take your expenses, then you get on the line.

Vladislav Galgonek participated in the leasing of the Octavia code worth 250,000 crowns three years ago. edest tisc deposited immediately and paid the remaining 190,000 crowns in the form of several installments. In July this year, seven months before dark, he didn’t have to pay for the car, they stole it from him. The company’s leasing company paid out 130,000 crowns, but after deducting all its expenses, the leasing company transferred only 3,000 crowns to Mr. Galgonko.

“I expected it to be at least a thousand thousand, I really need a car and I won’t pay for those thousands,” to the client. He got a trip, but he didn’t like it, so he passed the thing on to the first. The leasing company has not yet collapsed.

In addition, he did not drink the pension from the insurance company, he had to go pay two msn installments for about 7,000 korunch, in total the car cost him about 350,000 crowns. He knew that the pension from the insurance would go to the lessor and he would take the profit and expenses related to the premature termination of the contract, but he did not expect that it would be so much.

If the car were the property of Mr. Galgonko – he would pay it in cash or in return from the insurance company. Of course, the bag would have to pay extra if necessary, incl. A similar problem occurs at the moment of the accident and the car is ready for depreciation.

Me se stt, e budete doplcet

If you have made a low down payment at the time of the arrest, it may even happen that you will have to pay some additional fees to the leasing company after the event. On the contrary, when there are some pensions left, you can handcuff them for an advance payment in case you want to buy a new car right from the leasing company. According to Petr Jenek from SOB Leasing, this is in practice ast.

When you don’t have a pension

The problem occurs even if you get into a situation where you do not have to pay. If you do not want to drink about the car, contact the leasing company immediately and inform it about your financial costs. Try to agree on a postponement or reduction of the installment, or on the fact that the car and the lease will be transferred to someone else.

Sweat the bag with other costs, for example GE Money Auto costs 5,000 crowns for the transfer of the contract. The leasing company may not satisfy you automatically, the insolvency of the company’s client is individually according to the specific case.

You can insure the ability to meet

You can be insured to avoid getting into financial distress due to job loss or long-term illness. You take out the insurance installment with the seller at the same time as the leasing contract. The price of the insurance is determined individually, usually the bag ranges from one to six percent of the amount.

For example, UniCredit Leasing cooperates with the insurance company Amcico. Here, too, you should first set the conditions so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised later. The insurance company usually takes over the payment and after 60 days, when you lie down for two weeks with angna, you will have to pay the lease installments from your own home.

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