Bt pilot is the dream of many little boys. Only someone has his bag fulfilled. Tom Novk, SA pilot, Jr. His financial help helped him give birth. Today, he marries his mother by taking her on holiday to New York.

Why did you just want to become a pilot?

At the age of 14, I started flying in aeroclubs, and then began my professional career in studying at the University of Ilin, majoring in Air Transport Operations and Economics, pilot exchange. After graduating from the military service and another year of managerial activities in the aeroclub, I received an invitation to join the SA for the position of pilot, where I joined on January 3, 2000.

How was the study and practical training?

In 1992, when I entered the faculty, they took about 10% of applicants. It was about 30 listeners in a row, of which only half had a pilot exchange. Before 1989, he decided to take advantage of the pilot field for the first time, so you need hours from the aeroclub. We paid for the pilot training ourselves, with a small contribution of the bike.

So the financial round was not easy. How did you cope?

In the case, it was mainly the parents who helped, but I, like many of my clubs, took the funds on holiday brigades. I washed ndob in the kitchen of the guesthouse at Lake Constance. Today, in addition to this, there are many different bank loans and deposits.

What kind of verse study, practical training?

We started the practical training during the holidays after the end of the first year, then it took place throughout the study. We flew on Czech Zln 142 series aircraft. The training syllabus lasted 150 flight hours, then another 45 hours on a twin-engine type L-200 Morava to obtain instrumentalities, ie to fly according to the instruments, without which a transport aircraft cannot do without. On the day of flight training, complete training and reduce the price of flight trainers.

What about flight simulators? Is it similar to reality?

As for the pot simulators, it’s a good choice and tool not only for hiring pilots. When it comes to these, they are an integral part of the training of professional pilots. Both species are very relevant today.

Which type of aircraft do you fly most often?

Ltm on type ATR 42/72, these are twin-engine turboprop transport aircraft for 46 and 64 passengers.

What route is rd ltte?

The most popular route, it is tk, but probably the most beautiful view is in good weather in the Alps on flights to the Italian Bentek and Bologna. At SA, there are about 25 European destinations, mainly the surrounding metropolises and neighboring cities.

Do you have a popular place for a holiday? You always have to know the world.

I travel quite a lot, both on a business trip to Finland, Greece, France, but so privately. I prefer probably until the sunny autumn of California, I liked Washington and New York, where I take my mother regularly in the spring. At least a little splcm big debt. I must add that e rd. But I will use the services of classic travel agencies, before recently I wandered out of the pot in Hurghad, Egypt. It was ndhern.

Kolik si piblin msn vydlte?

I will not specify how much I will answer the responsibilities of the profession and specificity of the profession.

Do you have the nature and income to invest?

I’m not really afraid to invest. I invest in real estate, stock and fund. I am familiar with the evaluation of my pension

Is it true that pilots and flight attendants often have a relationship?

Pilots and flight attendants – that’s how I heard her (smch).

Have you ever been on a plane?

I’m not afraid in the plane, but it’s about respect, which I respect for both the complex machine and the prod.

Ltte ever like pasar?

Ltm quite often as a casual traveler, and on a business trip or private. Ltn as pasar is for me only a shift from A to B, I appreciate when the flight is fast, on time and comfortable. The services of traditional airlines, with which ltm, are comparable and of high quality. “Behind the stick” vnmm flight urit otherwise, it’s like watching hockey from the stands or bt on the ice.

How does mte nzor on catastrophic movies about ltn?

I don’t mind the catastrophic films about summer, similar to the endless series, but I don’t watch them.

What kind of relaxation is close, sport or rest?

Ltn is a way to relax, but of course, as professionals, we really need a lot of rest and we definitely need rest. Employer nm after uritch years at the company and naltanch hours castle lzesk stays. Every fall we catch flashlights with a bunch of friends in California. This year we conquered the top of the highest mountain in continental North America – Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevada. The rest is a sport for me, but sometimes it is very rare.

Mte njak nepjemn nebo naopak veseli zitek z leti?

Ltn mm rd, also unloaded unpleasant zitm nemm. Perhaps only when the flight con.

From the smvnch phod, I remember the one with the cat – “ernm pasar”. One autumn in the morning, after boarding a plane on a nonstop on a flight in Frankfurt, we found out that there was nothing in the cockpit. Maps and manuals torn off on the floor, normally normal bloody covers on the seats, the sharp smell is a short leg. After a while, it turned out that the black hand that worked in the cockpit last night was a huge tabby cat, which probably joined us at a flight in Prague, hidden between luggage and cargo.

The situation seemed to be banln, let’s catch the cat, clean up a bit in the plane and fly… but the cat was of a different opinion. Not even a peony, well-equipped, special catcher did not look at it. The flight with the passengers was, of course, canceled, and after an all-day unsuccessful attempt to catch the cat, we headed to Prague – with the cat on board, respectively. somewhere under n. Of course it was technical pellets without passengers. And the clever hands of the Czech mechanics have matured over the cat, he is now perhaps in good health in one of the cracks of the tulk.

Ever wanted to give something else?

Zn to mon like kli, but I never really wanted to give anything else. My first sitting in the cockpit was driven by a short two, not the time when the hunter outside, he wants to be once. And when the time drank, I had nothing to eat.

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