Dao’s letter is forgiving the people, they often do not know what to fill in the formula. Which 100 questions do you ask most often?

Tax return is quite a simple matter for a while, it does not start to be complicated by various ancillary incomes from you renting or deducting a year from mortgages and insurance. It is good to know that sometimes it pays to state the real costs, other times to handcuff paul. And how are the students and how is the man who would like to tax together? Many people do, but they still have to manage themselves without the help of counselors. You just have to know some of the mischief.

Discounts for students

If you’re in trouble, do such students, unlike others, have any benefits? The students have the only tax benefit, which is a tax rebate of 2,400 crowns, and it relates to the amount of income that the student had during the year, says tax consultant Vlastimr ech from APOGEO Tax. A student under the age of 26 is at a discount, if he / she is studying according to the doctoral program, and up to the age of 28. If you only study for a hundred years, you will receive a discount of 200 crowns for each month of study.

Zamstnavatel nepodv daov piznn

The employer will never give a return on behalf of employees, because it is not you. This is quite a mistake, warns tax advisor Frantiek Brabec. The employer only conducts tax, which is not paid anywhere and is a part of payroll records. You must submit a written report on the Prohlen form and it must be performed by the only last employer in the given year. You will then receive a possible overpayment of taxes directly from the employer.

If you did not have time to file again by the 15th of February, you will have to fill in and file the tax return yourself. Ask the employer to write down all your income and include deductible items in the loan, such as years from mortgages, life insurance claims, gifts. Consider the tax, take off the discounts, and if you get a surcharge, file a financial contribution to the fourth party of the tax return for its return. So the husband who wants to file the tax together, fill in the tax return yourself. In the same way, those who, in addition to their main employment, did business and also, for example, obtained an agreement on the implementation of

Discounts are valid upon agreement

The agreement on the performance of work does not differ in any way from taxation of other employment relationships, perhaps only in the fact that it is never paid, and the gross income is therefore equal to the income. And so it is quite wrong to think that František Brabec cannot claim tax deductions from the agreement on the execution of work up to CZK 5,000 per month and must always tax the Serbian tax, which is not returned and not returned. The opposite is true, if the employee does not have another main employee and supports the tax return, we can apply for tax rebates and tax can be added, the adviser adds.

What a sweat to pjm

Many of the villages receive different doors during the year and do not know how to complete a loan. Musm je danit? And if not, hide with the pjm? Social courts are exempt from taxes, although some settle into income. It is, for example, money support in unemployment, sickness, maternity, disability pension, old-age pension, alimony. Also, if you would like to have a discount on a mane or wife, who can live, their income from these doors per year will not exceed 38,040 crowns.

But there are also two that not only do not give up, but do not get stuck in income. These are, for example, child allowances, social allowances, housing allowance, allowance for aids, parental allowance, foster care allowance, maternity allowance, funeral allowance.

Nen paul jako paul

Some of them confused in the application to fill in the declaration that the joint taxable person who does not have the prescribed paul tax can not file a joint tax. And you want to marry Paul. So how is it? These are two different concepts, although similar at first glance.

While you have to enter a flat tax at the financial address, which after assessing it for a certain period, a flat deduction is an option for entrepreneurs to determine a percentage of income as a cost. Pauln’s rates range from 30 percent for rental income and 80 percent for farming.

But beware, they are only concerned with small entrepreneurs and do not apply to the first persons. Tax adviser Zdenk Vesel also encountered such a case: I had to convince the client’s first person for a very long time and make it clear that, unlike a natural person doing business, he could not claim data as a percentage of income. In the end, the executive stated that you’d better process the tax yourself yourself, especially I didn’t convince him.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi
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